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Sunday, January 3, 2016

A FLIMSEY + and Reading Update

Here is Steven's quilt top finally all sewn together in QAYGo method

As i am sure you know: it has been quilted, square by square, (uff dah!!) and then sewn
together in rows.  So I am  calling it a Flimsy+.

A closer look at Steven's saxophone and...

My piano with some music,
And some surfin' at our beach in the summertime...among other novelties (eat up your oranges now! lol)...

So now onto the backing---I plan to attach it by sewing 1/4" on either side of the existing horizontal and vertical seam lines on the front--nothing fancy just really solid--as I recall things get tossed around dorm room quite a bit hahaha...

My first Flimsy+ in 2016...YAY!!

I am a bit under the weather today (up at 4 am isn't good for this old bod!!) so
will be pretty much resting this afternoon and reading my first Christmas book from my son, Jeff, in the Longmire Series "The Cold Dish" by Craig Johnson.  DH and I have been watching the series on NetFlix and loving it....

I had just been reading Elizabeth George's latest "A Banquet of Consequences" but I just couldn't get through it--I do not find it enjoyable to read about graphic child abuse....need I say more?? Also, lovely Lynley was not much in evidence--this book really disappointed me....i hate it when a former favorite author goes off the rails....at least in my humble opinion.....;--(((

Hugs to you all from
Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. a few of her's turn me off to, and they used to be so good! Why can't they stick to what works

  2. A sturdy flimsy?
    I've never done quilt-as-you-go. I've always been uncertain about the back. I am eager to see what you do.
    Feel better! Curl up with a classic today.

  3. Congratulations on getting the flimsy all sewn together!
    Sorry you're not feeling too good and hope you are back to your normal self again soon.
    Shame about the book but I would have done the same thing and put the book down!!

  4. great job on the quilt. I too am interested in how you finish it. I have never tried that process.

  5. Sorry you are feeling under the weather.
    Congratulations on your first flimsy of 2016. I am sure it will be loved (as well as thrown around a bit!!)

  6. Wonderful JulieRose ! C'est un très beau travail !!
    Grosses bises

  7. Love your flimsy-so fun with the bits of fussy cut surprises! Hope you are feeling better soon--take care!

  8. Sorry you weren't feeling well when this was posted. Hope you were able to get some rest last night and feel a little better to day.

    Can I give a "Whoop Whoop" on your flimsy!! Feels good to get to the top of a project hill and now have the downhill slide to the finish. There's some pretty colors here and curious minds want to know: scrappy back and binding planned too?

  9. Your flimsy looks wonderful! Looking forward to your QAYG finishing. I read a lot but definitely need to enjoy the book. Not worth it if it's a struggle just to get through it.

  10. I think my next one will be a g.a.u.g., Hope you are feeling better

  11. Your quilt is fabulous. I agree I read a couple of her books, but a lot of the authors can get kind of graphic at times. Tell me what you think of Longmire. I love the series haven't read the book.


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