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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Look what came with Smilin' Jack O'Lantern in the mail for me yesterday...

DAWN sent this to me from both her and her quilting buddy Jackie to help out with my
darks for Connor's quilt making...I was running out of dark black print fabrics...as a matter of
fact I had JUST gotten down to the last three 2.5" squares when

                                                        V O I L A !!

                                       these appeared in my mailbox.

Thank you so much Dawn and Jackie--I really
appreciate your timely and generous gifts...it appears that I now have enough to finish up the last eight blocks ...and this has re-energized me to get on the stick and finish these up..... I want to get them done before my cataract
surgeries begin in early November as i don't know how my vision will be
during and just after (don't need to be sewing up my fingers now, do I?)

Aren't quilty folk just wonderful?  and generous to a fault??? :))))

Smilin' Jack is waiting on my front hall table for the little bowl of treats for
all the little witches and goblins on the 31st....

hugs (especially to you two gals)
Julierose, La Blageuse (excited-euse)


  1. I agree, people who stitch are generous and helpful, and, well, like you said, wonderful.

  2. So nice of Jackie and Dawn! Quilters are the best!

  3. What a lovely surprise for you! I guess it will take a little time to be back at the sewing after your surgery. I guess the 31st will be here in no time, better get organized.

  4. glad we could enable you to continue with Connors quilt. LOL
    also we er hummm cleared out a spot so we can stash enhance. shhhhhhhh

  5. Hi, Julierose. One can never have enough black prints. Your Connors quilt is beautiful--love the black and red combination, very striking. By the way your "gluebook" is really interesting; what a fun project!
    best, nadia

  6. How sweet of them girls. I like the quilt top your making for Connor.


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