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Friday, October 7, 2016


                                   My Muse has okayed my new "relaxation" project.....;)))

I treated myself to a set of 72 Prismacolor pencils and have begun working in my trial coloring book...

Here is what I have accomplished so far--working on blending and shading before attempting
a more complicated book of drawings...(This one  is by Selina Fenech--"Enchanted --Magical Forest")--such a nice assemblage of drawings -- very mythical--
this one is entitled "Blodeuwedd"-- which I had to look up--it means literally "Flower Face"  and it comes from an old Welsh myth..
As a child I always loved to color and shade and outline....I never had any art classes when I was in school--jut not in the curriculum then; so I am doing a lot of YouTube video and UStream watching and gleaning what I can about how to learn about colors....
I LOVE color and want to know enough to begin to do some real watercoloring work.

These drawings are complicated--trying to figure out where the leaves end and the central Flower she sits on begin...

Above I have chosen 4 greens (dk,, med, light + olive), one Siena Brown and one purple-ey maroon.

I thought these leaves kind of resembled Coleuses...so--being "the boss" of my coloring book (LOL)
I am forging ahead with that idea in mind....
                                                                       SUCH FUN!!!! ;))))
On the quilt front...

I have finished all of Connor's blocks--they are pinned on my wall and I will start to sew rows together this weekend...

Tonight we will be meeting with two other couples for our yearly foray out to dinner where they specialize in a yearly October Fest menu..SO, no cooking tonight....
Julierose La Blageuse (Prosit-euse)


  1. Very pretty. The nurse thought the ancient aunt should try coloring as a hobby.

  2. Lovely coloring! It looks so nice and it's great to be relaxing too! Enjoy your dinner!

  3. Aren't these colouring books fun! Mine is all about the Animal Kingdom and I love sitting and relaxing with this.
    Prismacolour pencils are wonderful, such a gorgeous range of colours.

  4. I think I might need one of your "muses" ;)! What fun to do something different and enjoyable but I guess you also need quite a bit of patience. I hope your October Fest was fun. xx

  5. How fun--nothing like a nice big box of colored pencils! Your shading is awesome!

  6. I have always loved to color pages. lol now it is "fashionable" so I am good! hee hee looking good
    and very relaxing for us creative folk

  7. That looks like it would be very relaxing and fun.

  8. Looks like fun ♥ Happy Tuesday ♥


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