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Thursday, March 26, 2015


I stuck these finished lozenges (my leader-enders) up on my design wall after taking
down the surprise flimsy (just have to add borders on that one) to see how many more 
I will need to make a lap quilt.  

I have another whole pile cut with one corner on so far.....

Love these Cranes trying to bite
those leaves above....

and love this Autumn stroll

Here is Geisha Lady watching Crane eating Lotus blossom....

I sew just a few at a time....FOR FUN...

Hugs from Foggy New England (yaya!!!! fog gets rid of snow...hopefully!!) Hoping for a sunnier and warmer weekend to come.....

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse  


  1. ooooooo love your lozenges. so purty. mine are stalled for now

  2. You have more Asian fabrics to make your Lozenges, those are cool.

  3. Lozenges...hmmm, I've never heard of them but thanks for teaching me something new. I totally get it. Great project!

  4. Oh you do tempt me! I have been resisting the lozenge blocks with so many other projects on the go... but yours are beautiful! Must resist :(

  5. Wonderful photos of the various fabrics . . . that's what makes the lozenges so special.

  6. I almost tried these when Bonnie Hunter started them, but resisted. Today I was thinking about them as a border for my compass block quilt. Then I see your post it might be fate.

  7. Wonderful! Love the looks of this project! Are you getting snow tomorrow? We're supposed to get 1-2 inches. How crazy is that???

  8. Love all the fabrics,wonderfull colours.xx


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