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Monday, March 16, 2015


Sock No 1 finished!  A few rows a day and it is done!!  The top of the cuff is nice and loose--no elastic to cut into my leg....;--)))

I made the cuff nice and long--8 1/4" so i can roll it over my ankles which always get cold
at night.  That's what's so wonderful about knitting your own socks--you can customize them so that they are just right for your foot.  I was able to slip them right onto my foot as I was knitting along....

this is the simplest pattern and i just love how soft and cushy they are...

and now, on to Sock deux

Hugs, on a sunny Monday from
Julierose, La Blageuse knit-euse  


  1. Looks nice and warm - I see that lots of quilters are also knitters and I've seen lots of pairs of socks! I have to say I am tempted to have a go at knitting a pair for myself but it must have been at school that I last had four needles going!!

  2. love the colors and the fact that they are nice and cushy.
    great job!

  3. I like that about knitting your own socks. Have you ever tried to knit both socks at once. I have seen others do it but not sure that I would enjoy it.

  4. Great job! I love the yarn you are using.

  5. You finished so fast! They look great! Hope they keep you nice and warm!!

  6. Yesss !! En voilà une de faite mais tu vas devoir faire la deuxième !! ^^
    Bravo pour ce travail !
    Bonne journée JulieRose et grosses bises

  7. So pretty--I love that they are loose at the top!


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