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Thursday, April 20, 2017


        A partial picture of my Oasis quilt for someone special....;)))))

(It's too large for me to get the whole thing from my design wall in my small room
into one photo)
Can you see the lattice work pattern that emerges?

I have set it 5 across and 6 down...
Here is a different view--closer...I really like this pattern and it is so easy...

I had thought perhaps I should add some little type of applique in those big snowballs  like this:
But now, I really don't know if I'd like that or just a quilted pattern
 like a heart maybe...
What do you think?
Now to sew these in rows of 5 each and then quilt to backing in 
Quilt As you Go method...

I have a lot of this Oasis layer cake and some charms left over --probably enough to make another smaller table topper...I do love these fabrics 
a lot; they say Spring/Summer to me--

hugs (on this Rainy Thursday) from
Julierose, La Blageuse (snowball-euse)


  1. What lovely fabrics/colours. It's like a watercolour painting. If it were me, I think I'd go with quilting a pattern in the snowballs.

  2. Your Oasis certainly is. I love the fabrics, too, and the snowball space gives the eye a place to rest. I like it that way, without the applique... so pretty.

  3. I agree with Kaja all the way...looks like watercolors AND quilt something in the snowballs. Lucky "special someone"!

  4. I like the softness without the applique- heart quilting sounds nice- very pretty

  5. Another great quilt! Love the pattern and the lattice work that shows up on the quilt. I would quilt something in the snowballs but you know me and quilting designs!!

  6. Your fabrics are beautiful and your quilt is turning out lovely.

  7. Pretty quilt - love the colors. I think I would leave the snowball blocks blank for some pretty quilting.

  8. This fabric is gorgeous!I like the idea of quilted hearts. Can't wait to see the finish. mary in Az

  9. It is really pretty. I agree, no appliqué in the plain blocks.

  10. Very pretty! I think I prefer the version without the flowers, can't wait to see what you decide to do!

  11. Very pretty, I think sometimes florals get overlooked. By the way I had thought I had been following your blog before now, now I am. Love looking at your work.

  12. Your Oasis quilt is quite lovely. I think appliqued hearts would be a nice addition but I'm not sure it is really necessary.


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