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Friday, April 7, 2017


I scoured my stash all day yesterday-(my sore back and calves from squatting to reach those lower shelves attest to that! )
and as a last resort looked in my Oriental pile..thinking...
now just how desperate am I to find the right backing???
It surely couldn't be anything in here................ and, and

AND, lo and behold!! Wowzers!  Look at this!! 

YUP--"The Emperor's Garden" by Maywood--a very old
2 yard piece (and I never buy 2 yds--or almost never--of anything!! lol) 
of this yummy fabric...

My gift recipient likes neutrals, nothing raucous or loud...

And so, this is my idea of perfection...Not too busy but with a little 
something going on in the background, and a bit of richness to it...

I had just enough, with maybe a small 2" piece left over,  
to cut (12) fifteen inch squares--
which I will trim and cut down after I hand applique them..AND

then I will add the batting behind and do big stitch in an echo pattern...

PHEW--I was really thinking last night--(getting frantic, actually)
why did I opt to use this charm pack--

NOTHING but nothing goes with it and it is not available ANYMORE!!!

                    Here's a closer look at this pretty fabric

...a really nice cocoa color that blends with all
those hues in my plates...
Can I tell you just how happy this makes me? 

{time out for yet another "Happy Dance Fest!! LOL}

Isn't it funny how you just KNOW when you've discovered the "RIGHT" fabric?
And how it's a true gift to find it in YOUR OWN STASH, calling your name
"Here I am, over here, underneath all these "Oooff" get offa me--
 others that are NOT RIGHT!!"
As my hubster said: "It doesn't take
much to make you happy!" He has NO IDEA!!!;))))

Hugs from your happy
Julierose, La Blageuse (lucky-euse)


  1. How lovely to find just the right piece. I like it from a distance or close up.

  2. Love it and Love finding special things in my own stash. I think the quilt is going to be fabulous.

  3. love finding all i need without buying but can't seem to do it very often

  4. What a gorgeous fabric! And it's from your stash! Great!!

  5. HI Julie,
    Your Dresden Plate blocks are fabulous ! What gorgeous colors and beautiful workmanship. We especially love the pretty metallic gold. You are very talented ! We look forward to seeing more pretty projects. Happy springtime, and best wishes,😊 from Marina and Daryl Lynn at Quilt Inspiration

  6. I can feel the joy all the way over here in Idaho!! Great choice!

  7. That background fabric is awesome. How fortuitous to find it in your stash.

  8. I absolutely love, love, love these. What beautiful colors, design and the background is perfect!! hugs!


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