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Thursday, April 6, 2017


HYACINTHS emerging...

Lavender made it through the winter...

Daffodils coming up....

these are those little short tulips (forget what they are..) poking up through my Blue rug Junipers that are spreading like crazy...

finally, my hydrangea is budding out..a bit, too....
too early for my lilies or mums and even my iris is slow...

It has been so windswept and cold here...

I am hoping this rain will push things along....
We are in need of some warmth and sunshine...

On the quilt scene: I have finished the 12 Dresdens and tried putting them up on the backing I had chosen--
                                            N O T gonna happen, 

that tan color just makes them die...so, I am looking for a fabric that will make them shine...not so easy with these muted colors on white....

I pulled a reddish, cranberry one, but I think it will overpower them...

And so, this project has come to a screeching halt; 
I will have to take bits of all the fabrics with me to my fabric place 
and see what I can find....I don't even like the centers I had chosen..

I find that this seems to happen to me all the time....does it to you???

In the meanwhile, I began my 2nd surprise gift lap quilt as a leader ender to
the Star Rise {which has moved to the first place from leader-ender ;)))} ...
and more on this subject.....

My friend Dawn sent me a whole BOX of deep, rich blues to 
enchance my paltry stash...thank you Dawn, that was so sweet and generous...
can't wait to incorporate them...I am petting them now...;)))

My grandson just left JFK on his European trip with his High School Jazz Band
this afternoon; I will admit that I  am a bit nervous about it all,
fingers crossed all will go well for them...our world is an unsettling
place these days....

hugs from rainy, gray gray gray CT
Julierose, La Blageuse (Star Rise-euse-ing) 


  1. Awe hugs and prayers for the grandson. My daffodils are blooming and I think I spied a hyacinth. Too cold and rainy out there today to really look. I have projects that just can't find the right border, just don't play well with what fabric I thought. Isn't that part of quilting?

  2. It may be rainy but you have beautiful flowers peeping out! I'm still looking at big snow piles!!

  3. It's always so much fun to see things emerge from the ground. It won't be long now.

  4. I'm so happy to see your garden coming to life! There is hope that summer is coming! I change my projects around all the time. You'll figure it out! Dawn is such a nice friend! I'm sure your grandson will be fine. My daughter went to Paris a week after the attacks last year. I didn't sleep well at all but she came home in one piece! Have faith!

  5. Lovely to see all those touches of spring in your garden!

  6. praying for a safe trip for grandson. your garden is perking up and soon will be so full of life. have you tried plain old muslin for the background? or alternate a soft green, apricot and brown? then the centers could be the same as background. like put the green dresdan on apricot etc. just a thought. sometimes playing with fabrics you never thought, helps you find the one.

  7. Hope your grandson's trip goes well...lots of fun flowers peeking from your garden!

  8. How lovely to see your Spring garden plants beginning to creep out of the soil, I adore hyacinths, please show us another photo when they're in flower!

  9. Oh your garden is waking up. Spring is moving in for you, I hope.

    I am excited about your dresdens. Hope you find a background fabric that you are happy with soon.


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