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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Here's the start of my Snowball Four-Patch quilt that I will be gifting to a special
I just love this line of fabric--- "Oasis";)))
the "snowballs are a very pale blue and I haven't decided whether to just quilt them or add some applique flowers...

All the 4-patches are made and I am "snowballing" the blues...the blocks measure 8 1/2" each.  


Our Easter was wonderful here; all my children and grandchildren came for dinner.

these decided to bloom and also
these lovelies...

Just in time to greet:

My son, Jeff, his wife Lindsay, and the two girls: Fiona (green dress) and
Willa in pink...

And here are my daughter's four children--my, they are growing up fast!!
they are all taller than their Grand-mere (admittedly not hard to do lol):

(L to R) Steven (17 and college bound this Fall), Connor and Greg ( 14--the twins),
and darling Cassidy...(16 ).

We had such a special day--Thom and I were so happy they all could come and we could spend this Easter together--who knows where we will all be in the next few years....
As you can see we were able to be outside on the deck for a while--until the cold breeze off the ocean sent us back in....

I am thankful for the blessing of such a terrific family...;)))

On my quilt scene.....
The Dresden Plates are coming along well, 5 more to applique before I begin to big stitch
them separately, block by block..
I used Warm and Natural batting squares to ready them for Quilt As You Go

Here are the 1st three all appliqued; I had to take  them down to make room for the Snowball
My design wall seems to be ever-changing lately...
I am enjoying the simple applique on these--it is good practice for an applique-challenged

I would like to make  two seasonal wall pieces depicting Summer and Spring
to alternate with my Fall and Winter ones in my dining room using applique. 

Thinking about some Dresden flower pots (a la Jenny at MSQ)
as I really enjoy this pattern...for Spring --

and, for Summer--perhaps an ocean landscape--I've always wanted to 
make a landscape piece...

Today and tomorrow will be errand days for us; so, probably not much quilting,
although I can most likely sneak in some more applique while watching the Red Sox tonight...(they should be called "Baseball Plates" ROTFLOL!!)

Julierose, La Blageuse (happy that Spring has sprung-euse)


  1. You have a beautiful family and it sounds like a very lovely Easter. I love the fabrics you are using for the snowball four patches. These will make a nice gift.

  2. It must have been lovely to have your family all together over Easter. What a proud Grand-mere you must be!

  3. beautiful family and beautiful quilts. Fiona and Willa are growing so fast! they are adorable. sounds like you had a perfect Easter.

  4. Looks like you certainly had a wonderful Easter with all the family, before we know it our grand-children are all grown up and getting on with their own busy lives! Your Dresden blocks are coming along nicely if you only have 5 more to go.

  5. It was a lovely day and so good to be with you all--- hugs and love, Lin

  6. Beautiful grands Julie, must look like that grand mere! I seem to be just getting shorter and for every inch it puddles into 10inchs around my waist

  7. I just adore that backing fabric for your Dresdens and they are all so pretty and perfect too. What do you mean by big stitch I wonder. Meanwhile beautiful grandchildren and don't they enrich our lives.

  8. Your family is gorgeous. Glad you had a wonderful family get together. Your blocks are looking beautiful.


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