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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


                                                    HELLO, KITTY;))) & Peeps ;)))

I want to make each of my two little grandgirls one of these in pixilated form--using 1" squares...
Cute Kitty...this is on my list --maybe for Christmas shhhh..... We'll see.
But, I digress (again!!)
Now for what I am currently reading:

One of my very favorite authors is Rosamunde Pilcher--
and I just got her  "Coming Home".
I really love her writing style; and she pens a good, long 
book to get lost in... 
{my paperback copy is 977 ppgs long...YAY!!}

I read her "Shell Seekers" before and instantly fell in love with her
storytelling-- the kind of story where you really want to know what happens
to the characters and hate it when it ends....

I usually read British mysteries (actually I devour them so fast that I cannot
seem to find anymore-- and have re-read all of the ones
I own more than once!!). 

I am now waiting for Ellie Griffiths'  "Ruth series"  next book and also Ann Cleeves' Shetland Series...to come out in paperback---

Meantime, this is a nice change for me; and, I see that Pilcher has written a lot of novels...(doing my happy dance)--
I love it when I see a whole range of books ahead of me...

On the quilting front:

I have finished quilting Oasis and trimmed it up ready for binding which I cut this morning...as you can see, I just did a wavey line--and I really like
how it came out...[it is such a gorgeous breezy day here at last!!]

Here is the back--I used Moonshine by "Free Spirit" fabrics...

In my usual Christmas-type holiday reverse style...
I love the colors in this one...
I had it on hand in my backing box...another serendipitous event!!

I am hand quilting my 4th Dresden right now--I usually work on them in the evenings while watching the Red Sox.

and look what came out with all of our rain:

My Bleeding Hearts--a gift of two tiny sprigs last Autumn from my gardening
friend Jean...hasn't it just taken well??? So old fashioned and so lovely, thank you Jean B.  

And my lettuce has really been moving along--even just in this pot on my deck:

Two yummy varieties...I will take selective cuttings for our sandwiches and
salads and hope they will continue to grow throughout the summer...

I also planted some saved marigold seed from last year in front and I found a
packet of Aster seeds that I hope wintered over in my back fridge...
Little by little I am getting into my Spring mode--now to move all my long
sleeved shirts to the back and bring forth the short ones...

Tonight I am making American Chop Suey for dinner with a small side
salad for us both...
hugs from sunny, warm (at least for now) SE CT  a blessing of a day...
Julierose, La Blageuse

P.S. Bonnie Hunter (at Quiltville) is doing a Snowball 9-patch BUT,  her snowballs are string pieced--be still my heart--I may have to do one of those..I love how hers is looking with blue/yellows and neutrals...I just watched her quilt cam--love her and her stuff...take a visit to be inspired...;)))


  1. I love how your Oasis turned out, the wavy quilting is perfect for it. I also love how your quilts have a double purpose.

    The Bleeding Hearts is amazing, only coming from a couple of sprigs last year?!?

    Dinner sounds delish...what time shall I be there? LOL

  2. pretty bleeding heart! what a cute idea for your grand girls.

  3. Cute idea with Hello Kitty, and that quilt is gorgeous!

  4. Oh your quilt turned out lovely. My bleeding heart doesn't look as great as yours. I have volunteer lettuce coming up. I don't have much gardening time right now.

  5. The Hello Kitty will make wonderful gifts. Love seeing the Bleeding Hearts in bloom.

  6. Love your Oasis quilt - quilting just right for this! I covet your Bleeding Heart plants, I have tried twice to grow them here in NZ and failed on both occasions!

  7. your quilt idea for the girls is precious. love how Oasis came out. so pretty. my bleeding heart is out too. they are hardy. remember the tree they fell on it a year ago or two? I thought it would be a gonner.......but nope. and Jeanna come pick me up on the way to dinner. I will join you and Julie LOL

  8. Lots of good eye candy in this post, that quilt is a beauty :)

  9. Oh, those Hello Kitty quilts will be adorable! It's really starting to look like spring has sprung for you--love that you are already enjoying home grown lettuce. Congrats on your finished quilt--looks great!

  10. oh what a nice post. Very like my I Like posts... sure you wouldn't like to join us??? Wish I was in CT today, it looks lovely. They sprayed for mosquitos here today so I had to hide in the house on a nice day. Your photos are great. Heading for bonnie's to see her version. Yours is so pretty

  11. I love how Oasis has turned out - the backing and wavy quilting seem just right. I have bleeding heart, which ought to thrive in my garden, but doesn't. Yours looks gorgeous.

  12. i love the wavy quilting on Oasis and I wish we had some nice weather here....we seem to have received all the rain that others had earlier. I am not able to grow lettuce here as there are so many squirrels in my back yard that they sabotage the efforts.

  13. Pixilated Hello Kitties sound like fun!

    The bleeding hearts are beautiful - they must be very happy where you have them planted, to have grown so well in a year.

  14. Oasis came out beautiful! I wish I gardened. My husband does all the planting around here. He's much better at it than I am. I just finished reading Victoria. Great book! Loved it. PBS series was based off the book.

  15. Congrats on such a sweet finish! Your lettuce looks yummy and so fun to start all the spring planting. Hugs.

  16. Your Oasis quilt is a beauty.
    Lovely gardening photos and thanks for the book tips.
    I'm going to check them out, I enjoy a good read.

  17. Those Hello Kitty Pixel Quilts will be sooo cute when you make them. Oasis is a calming beauty -- a wonderful thing for your lap at the end of a hectic day!

    I'm so jealous you have a nice lot of lettuce already! I'm trying container lettuce and spinach for the first time this year. A question: did you start from seed or plants? And if you've done this before any tips or cautions?


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