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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


                                                  SCRAPPY STAR RISE SO FAR.....
                                             This definitely will be a long-term adventure....

I am building this one on 6" muslin squares and totally enjoying
string sewing once again....(and I will not be putting any other batting between front and back--)

I am using all small strings and triangles and bits and bobs to fill
the bill for these in deep dark blues and pale white/blue/pinks.

here are my baskets of culled pieces I've been pawing through....
Set to the right of my sewing machine and near my makeshift ironing spot....

                                and I am still plugging away by hand on these every evening....
I have 7 done--five to go....

I can finish about 1/3rd to 1/2 of a circle each evening depending on the state of
my wrist/thumb issues; but, I am totally enjoying this big stitching....

Hugs, Julierose, 
La Blageuse (stripping-euse) lol ;)))


  1. Your stars are beautiful - I love string quilts. I pulled out my boxes of very narrow strings yesterday for a project. Well, you're past the halfway mark now with quilting the Dresden blocks, just look after the joints!

  2. LOVE the string stars! They are going to be fabulous!

  3. Wow those are gorgeous. I think a long term project would be more than worth it, and it is fabulous.

  4. Wow, your scrappy string stars are beautiful!

  5. love your string project and the dresdans are coming along nicely too!

  6. Your string stars are looking fabulous! This will be a beautiful Scrap quilt. Your dresden blocks are looking wonderful too!

  7. I love the blue string stars--looking good! I've never done a string project, but I am taking a class from Bonnie Hunter in August and I will be doing some string piecing then. I don't know why I haven't done it before, because I love the look!

  8. Great progress, I like your stars. Your dresdens are going to be fabulous, I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  9. Your string blocks are making some lovely stars!

  10. I have yet to make a string quilt. Your stars inspire me :-)

  11. I love strings any which way. You are wise to not use any other batting. I have a couple of times with a muslin foundation and it really didn't need it.

    Love the Dresden. You will have it done in no time. Take it easy on the hands, though!

  12. This will be a beautiful quilt. And you are moving along with the Dresden - I really like how your stitching looks.

  13. I have a bunch of strings and plan on paper piecing a log cabin quilt.....when I can find time.

  14. Love your blue stars! Hope you're having a great Mother's Day!


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