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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


These will be the 2nd row of stars..closer to the earth --
rising over the flowers in my garden...

DAWN sent me the blue/yellow and blue/green florals and I just love how they lighten up the lower
stars...thank you Dawn so much--;))))

Does this ever happen to you???
When I first saw them I thought: now how will these fit into my "Scheme"...but dipping into my blue scraps basket this afternoon I thought  AHA--lower=closer to the earth--stars rising over my garden flowers...and off I went....

Here's a closer look at those lovelies....nice old-fashioned florals--they hold a special place in my heart....

They stand out just enough....almost as if the moon is shining on them...

[And (I've just realized) that this will be a H U G E piece--
I should have started with smaller squares than 6" ones--
but so it goes...]

I am so comfortable and relaxed while making this type of quilt...and I love how when I put the blocks up on the wall there are surprises; and  how they change the whole piece...I haven't really re-arranged anything..just going with the flow...

All my favorite things: ocean waves breaking, trees, blue roses, garden pots, 
and that's just the blues....

I spent some time cutting more muslin squares for tomorrow's work;
 I have been doing two at a time using one as a leader-ender 
for the other...not really thinking hard about choosing what lies 
next to what--as long as it is different from what is already on the block--
so no repeats within each block...
What a free-for-all...very liberating...;)))
A N  D....
Look who came to visit for my birthday and Mother's Day:

My 3-year old Willa with her Dad on Saturday..(need I point out that she always
gets chocolate from Grand-mere? hahaha) 

My daughter-in-law stayed home with Fiona and their dog, Kota 
(who is recuperating from an ACL operation poor baby doggie..), 
pretty tough...
so Mom and Dad have to split their times away from home as Kota 
cannot be left alone as yet...

We did a lot of this:  "See my dancing moves, Grand-mere"
and this, too

My little perpetual motion machine...love her....
She's getting so big so fast...time sure flies by....one going to college in the Fall 
and one 3 yr old--what a lucky Grand-mere I am ....

Julierose, La Blageuse (making stars-euse)


  1. Great blocks. How nice to have Willa come along to visit.

  2. I really like the combination of blues!

  3. You are a lucky Grand-mere! They keep us moving.

    Love the strip blocks.

  4. Love your thinking with these blocks and the addition of the other coloured fabrics, they're looking good!! You would have had a happy day with Willa visiting. Hope Koka makes a speedy recovery.

  5. love your stars and Willa is getting so so big. so fun to have them over isnt it? they keep us young.

  6. The addition of the flowers is very nice in your blocks.

    Willa is so cute. Glad you got a visit.

  7. a cute grand , all that takes to make your day shine

  8. Willa is so pretty! She looks so much bigger than I remember. Your blue blocks are coming out great! The blue fabrics look perfect together!

  9. Yes, your blocks are beautiful and your grand daughter is sweet.
    Lots of fun for you!

  10. Yes, I get those moments when an idea drops into my head out of nowhere and everything seems to make sense - isn't it a lovely feeling? I love the dancing Willa.

  11. Nothing better than a visit by the people we love ❤️


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