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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


                                                            ISN'T SHE LOVELY?

this iris has three to four buds and as this one fades another one will bloom...
this beauty  also smells like grapes...amazing...

 My son and daughter-in-law gifted me with this lovely geranium for my birthday/Mother's Day...

It sits on my front steps....such a pretty color in these Ivy geraniums...

Now, something feels wrong to me about this piece....It would be (in this form)
about 60 x 60 and                  
is a whole lot of blue and white...AND............
it has just begun  to not "feel right" to me....

Star Rise is lifting over my front garden (in my mind anyway)--and so I feel that I need
a garden of some sort at the bottom...I need to move it  around and see how I can add
deep, dark greens to indicate the garden areas...and what form they should take...

Why can I never seem to just follow a picture/pattern as is?  I don't know why...really...
after staring at this for many days now, it just doesn't "do it" for me--
as lovely as this pattern is...for me, it needs ..............

something a "je ne sais quois" bit...something more....

Here is the bottom section...uhhh....the same as the top...so I am in the throes of
changing it all up...to what and how it will turn out, I have no idea--well, a few, but they are really just amorphous right now--just a glimmer of an idea...

And so, on this very cool Tuesday, while I am pinning the 2nd "I Spy" quilt on my dining room table, my mind is imagining blocks....imagining in green,....
Julierose, La Blageuse (in wondering-euse)


  1. Take your time and mix in some greens with those blues -- one of my favorite color combos.

  2. Lovely flowers.

    It's a shame the blocks aren't grabbing you after making so many. I hope you come up with a solution!

  3. First of all I love iris and yours is a stunner and I do like the geranium, always such happy colours. I find with quilts-in-the-making that are not progressing as I should like a brief rest on the design wall is good, the ideas then seem to come and fall into place.

  4. love your stars and your eye spy quilts are neat too. you are a busy gal. maybe a transition from blue greens to greens?

  5. Such pretty flowers! I often have to change things round until it feels right.

  6. Beautiful iris! I couldn't follow a pattern to save my life, so have sympathy for your predicament. If it's not working for you, change it, I say, and make it your own. :-)

  7. The Iris is so pretty as are your geraniums.

    The blue blocks are very pretty and I'm sure whatever you decide will make another stunning quilt.

  8. Even with all that scrappy goodness I think our minds still reach for symmetry. To me the most effective stars are the ones with distinct outlines of blue. The ones where the points change to light and are smaller don't work so well 'hope that helps?! cheers!

  9. Thanks for sharing your iris and geranium photos, iris are magical!
    I like your projects, I often get stuck in the arranging/design phase too,
    you'll come up with a great plan soon.

  10. I don't have your vision for your blue piece but it's very nice to me. I like the mix of blues so they form shape without being a hard edge.

  11. Beautiful flowers! I'm sure you'll figure out what to do with your blocks. They look good to me but you have the final word!

  12. Gorgeous blocks. Your flowers are lovely too. I have no thoughts on your change up. But heck I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time lately.

  13. I like where your quilt is going! Love the HST shape, endless possibilities! Cannot believe that iris smells like grapes--how divine.

  14. I really like your blue and white stars! I am working on something similar, but trying to do blocks in the whole rainbow. I think adding some green to yours would be beautiful!


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