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Thursday, June 1, 2017


                                    It's a flimsey--I have quilted it onto the batting, so
                                    just the backing will be needed....all the Dinner
                                    Plates have been hand quilted...then sewn into strips on Helga...

TAH DAH: The reveal....

Looks a bit washed out in the bright sunshine...but is really just low volume pastels...

Here's a better idea of the colors...still more muted though than in person.......

Here's a close up of the ("chez nous=at home in French") doorways' strips leading into the home....
Love that fabric...seemed just right in colors and in content...

I have chosen the backing; now need to trim it up and sew on a few inches for width as the 2 yards is fine for the length...getting excited--at the finish line....;}}}}}

I don't know if the front needs borders, but now am thinking "not"....
letting it rest (and my shoulders, too...But, I do like making a quilt using this method... with my walking foot....)

I am hoping that this "home-ey", old-fashioned quilt will warm the heart of someone special
that it's going to.....shhhhh it's a surprise.....
*******************                   ***********************        ********************
Need to quilt the two I Spy quilts next....and am still sewing Star Rise rows together...
along with the red/gold stars and butterflies--I have been flitting (ah--hahaha ;}}}}) from project to project and NOW:
DAWN has suggested a slab quilt swap...oooohhh  just my sort of thing....my brain says, "No, No, Juli-ette" ;{{{{---but my heart says "You go, girl, just jump right in..."
Can you guess what I'll do?  Hmmmm????

hugs from S U N N Y (yes it's still up there in the sky evidently YAY!!) CT
Julierose, La Blageuse (sewing together-euse)


  1. You are so busy...as usual. I'm in love with the Dresdens. Great job Julierose.

  2. Your Dresden is beautiful! It's looks so good just as is, don't think you need borders.

  3. This quilt is gorgeous! I just love the way it came out. Wonderful!!

  4. Lovely as is! but borders wouldn't be a bad thing either.

  5. Love me some dresdens! Sweet quilt. mary in Az

  6. Beautiful! I know the intended recipient will be surprised and pleased!

  7. Marvelous Dresdens and every quilt looks fine in the sunshine on the clothesline!

  8. I guess you're jumping in, Party-girl!

  9. Beautiful just the way it is, though of course borders will also look good if you want to add them. I love that sashing fabric.

  10. Oh that turned out gorgeous. Love the low volume.


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