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Monday, June 12, 2017


Here is the first neutral slab I received from (Dawn's slab-a thon group)
--from Jacky--isn't it just a PERFECT low volume neutral--just what I hoped for......I love it!
This will just be amazing with my 2.5" neutral postage stamp squares
that I  am sewing for a table runner...
thank you so much Jacky...(no blog--
 ;(((),..) for the lovely block....

*************************** AND:
Here are a few shots of my hexagon Snow Flowers that I un-earthed from my closet of shame today...

 I worked on this a long,long time  ago...

time to get it together...ya think???

I plan to put blue borders on it .....after sewing it to the snow "white on
white background"....


Look at this:        Beautiful Peonies............

Here is one  about to bloom...

Aren't they just gorgeous?? 

Will be posting the other slabs as I receive them..
What fun!! To get squishey mail....I am so thrilled.....
Note to self--this Improv thing is really hard for me.....harder than I thought
it would be....you gals doing this stuff are amazing....
I sewed and cut a couple strippies today...but just don't know yet--
hmmmmm, stay tuned....

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse... (elated-euse)


  1. Hexagon snow flowers looks fabulous!

    1. I tryed one and didn't like it, just I am traditional

  2. love your slab and your peonies too. beautiful!

  3. What beautiful peonies! The one about to open is just perfection.

  4. Your Hexagon Snow flowers are gorgeous. LOL I can so relate to having a hard time doing improv blocks.

  5. beautiful peonies! I like your neutral slab. looks like fun.

  6. I can just about smell your peonies, mmmmmmmmmm.
    I remember you working on the flowers in the snow - they are beautiful.

  7. Peonies are gorgeous!
    I like what you're doing, the design, decision process,
    challenging but fun too.
    I'm looking forward to see how it all comes together.

  8. I like the look of your snow flower hexagons. xx

  9. Lovely hexagons - will we be seeing them together soon? Maybe with the heat presently with you, then Autumn would be a good time for hand stitching. Wonderful, wonderful paeonies!


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