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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I received these two lovely neutral slab blocks from Dawn today!
Just what I wanted, love them, thank you Dawn...
(and two of them also ;}}} )

I can envision my slab runner taking shape...lovely....

AND now for (lack of) progress on Improv....(so to speak).
I am going to entitle this:


The 4 stars:

My usual busy style; I like to think of it as texture, but
maybe not....they just look so different above--- than on my wall.

Hmmmmm the left two look like they belong together and not with the right two...ya think????


Then there's this:
Also busy....in three colorways from blocks I used in 
stars above...

AND also this:

           Another strippy in purples and the block-ey slabs...
Uhhhh... (If you look closely you will see that I got 
an "F" for this effort!! lol)

                     N O W   W H A T???

I tried placing these elements together every which way
but obviously, I need some quiet spaces... 

uhh, nothing I tried even looked passably good....

what to leave in, what to remove, what to add..some kind of form
somewhere, somehow...

I am letting it simmer for a while....Maybe more of that cocoa 
but what shape or form???
Again I keep saying, I just don't know...????
                (no directions provided-- hah!!)

And so it goes....or not....

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (confused-euse)


  1. Maybe you need a border around some of the elements for a place for the eye to rest.

  2. Isn't it frustrating when you know you would like something else to place with your blocks/slabs already made but can't come up with a thing! Been there, done that - I let things sit for a while and all of a sudden the answer hits.

  3. glad the blocks arrived safely. :-) and I know what you mean about what you think something will look like and then the execution doesn't do it for ya. (ya think my misfit blocks got in the box by accident???)

  4. Love the slabs from Dawn! She's so nice to make 2 blocks. I like to put fabrics/blocks together and then sleep on it. It seems a whole lot easier to make a decision when you leave it for awhile.

  5. I'm a great believer in letting them sit while you think. They do seem to need to lighter and quieter fabrics. You might look at some of the two-block layouts on Kaja's Pinterest board. They aren't all alternate blocks. I pretend any block an outline only. It frequently gives me more layout ideas.

  6. You have a lot of good components to work with. Wait for the inspiration, the theme, the reason, it will come, like Maureen said.
    I surround myself with inspiration and ideas, that helps me to focus.
    Design is an adventure!

  7. I say 'let a quilt simmer' or percolate on the back burner... :-)! You are brave to do improv. I've done just a bit.

  8. ooh. i am enjoying the maverick stars. I had a couple of them in my stash somewhere... but THAT stash is in storage 3000km away at my parents! Haha! I've had to make a new stash here.


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