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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I've been "coining" off and on for the past week...just sewing my bits and pieces of
leftovers into strips in three colorways.. the above is the purple-ey one and...

Here is the garden themed one...a lot of my favorite fabrics from my Georgie Peorgie quilt are in this one...and......

this merlot group...with sparks of golds....

I really have no idea where this effort is going to end up...just that it will be one to
three little improv pieces...all using scraps...and no ruler for cutting ...so very

Here's my working stash:

Nice mess that it is...

We had a family celebration of Steven's High School Graduation at my daughter's
and really enjoyed seeing everyone....


                                      FIONA are getting so big--Fi goes to kindergarten this Fall
quite a span of years in my grandchildren's ages....

Here are the two girls with their cousin Cassidy who will be a high school junior this year and is working to get her driver's license...(yikes, I AM olde!!)

Her are  (L to R) Pat, Steven's other grandmother, Steven himself and his younger twin brother Connor...all of us were able to eat outside and had a fabulous meal compliments of my daughter, Candice...
Such a wonderful hostess ...
The grand finale...YUMMY!!

Star Rise is a flimsey!! 

Love how this one came together....
it is now resting until I get up enough energy to find a backing and to tie it...

And so, I will leave you again for a bit as we remain in "waiting mode" here....

Hugs and thanks to all of you who left encouraging and warm comments....
much appreciated....
Julierose, La Blageuse  


  1. Congratulations to Steven. You have a beautiful family.

    I love star rise and look forward to seeing what you do with the strips.

  2. First off, prayers for a positive conclusion to the continuing family health issue....

    Second: Lovely family, yummy cake and quilt projects to go back to -- what a sweet life!

    Third: Love your improv work! I too have been wanting to try improv, still moving my way slowly toward it (still trying to decide the "what"). Been following the Ad-Hoc Improv Quilters challenges (they did coins just like you! Love your colors!!) -- may dip my toe in at some point!

  3. You always have such interesting works. LOVE the Star quilt... Love your family photos, too. Beautiful daughter! Sweet Grands. Thanks for the post.

  4. You have such a beautiful family. My parents have grandchildren from the age of 33 to 2 years old. Your quilt is gorgeous as are all your strips.

  5. Nice family gathering! The star quilt is beautiful.

  6. You have a beautiful family. The Star Quilt is gorgeous! Hope everything else is going well. Thinking of you!

  7. Congratulations to your grandson. Looks like a great family time.
    Your Star Rise flimsy is gorgeous

  8. How lovely, to celebrate these family milestones together.

    Star Rise is beautiful, and I love all the colours in your improv coin pieces.

  9. I love Star Rise--so wonderful! Congrats to your grandson--you have a lovely family!


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