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Thursday, June 8, 2017


                                                CHEZ NOUS is done--finished, complete--
                                                                              "Fini" ..

Here is the reverse:

                       (I've left the label out of the picture as this is to be a surprise gift...)

The quilting on the backing is minimal which makes for a very soft look....and feel...

I was able to use up some old paisley red for the binding...which turned out to be
 just perfect....

Ahhhh, don't you just feel a sigh of relief when the label is on and your quilt is truly DONE??
But, of course, along with that, as I have lived with this for so long, is a little bit of
sadness that it is over....and so, now what???

I do so love the "process" --even though, I must admit, that at times it gets tedious and
I often wonder why I ever began ...;0000

So, as of today, in the past year and one-half I have thought out, sewed together
 and made 8 fairly good size quilts...
AND:   that is a lot...for me, anyway...;*))))

********************************                      ****************************
And now for something entirely different (to quote Monty Python...):

                                       SLAB FEST: news report:
I have begun working on Dawn's Slab sew along swap--

we have a small group of four right now;
( anyone is welcome to join in--
just contact Dawn who is our "High Priestess of Slab")

we all will be making one slab in each of the recipient's choice of color (s) and size and exchanging them....

Take a trip to her blog (above) and see what she has begun...

Oooh to get that "squishey" mailing envelope enclosing a slab of your choice 
will be exciting...
my color choice is neutral--
sounds blah, you say?? 
Not so, "me hearties...." (aaaarrrrhhh...what am i a pirate???);000

We have : browns of all hues, prints and solids, cocoas, off whites, cream-ey wonders,
and maybe maybe a few novelties to spice it up...

I cannot wait to see what will arrive at my doorstep.;))) ...
In preparation I have begun making strips of
2.5" neutral squares to enclose my slabs for a nice summer
 tablerunner {or tablecloth if I get carried away--do I ever?  ah--hahahaha #)))) }.

My slabs are a lot like "log- cabin - rounds" sewing...but they can take any form 
really...and I find them so freeing--

just grab yourself a couple pieces of fabric and sew that seam--and keep on adding bits and pieces--whatever you have or whatever floats your boat...;*))) --such fun!!

We are supposed to have a warm and sunny weekend..looking forward to doing
more Pansy sewing on our deck.....

Hugs, from SUNNY (yes sunny--but still chilly, CT) 

Julierose, La Blageuse (glad-euse and sad-euse)


  1. Beautiful! Grand finish! I love to start new project, I am happy when I'm working on them, and if I actually finish something, I am pleased.

  2. Oh your Chez Nous is just gorgeous. This is going to be a wonderful gift for someone.

    I'm looking forward to the Slab Swap...how fun :)

  3. Oh your quilt turned out gorgeous. LOL you decided to slab huh? I am going to sit this one out. I have a hard time making the 2 blocks a month for guild I am supposed to be doing.

  4. great finish! I feel the same way.
    have fun with the new slab project.

  5. thanks for the shout out. how fun to start seeing slabs in the mail. fun fun fun!

  6. The Dresden Plate blocks.....so soft and pretty looking.

  7. Quilt turned out gorgeous! I am participating in a QAL from the Greek Patchwork Guild, so no time for other QAL's!

  8. The reverse of Chez Nous is as beautiful as the top. But, of course I love the Dresdens.

  9. fab like you! Sunny but cold? So warm here in MD and getting hotter. At least it's no longer raining all the time, it only rains sporadically now! Enough to keep the mushrooms growing in the yard

  10. Your quilt is gorgeous! Came out so good! Getting ready to make my first slab! Hope it comes out okay.

  11. I love the soft look - the better for snuggling!

  12. It is a lovely finish, even if it makes you a little sad. I hope your sunshine develops some warmth soon!


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