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Saturday, June 10, 2017


Lunch on our deck, shrimp and avocados and chai tea....aaaaaaaaaaahhhh
at last a beautifully warm and sunny day...

We began this morning with our coffee in hand, stretched out on our lawn chairs...
a nice quiet, slow start to our day.
We went for a short walk by the sea on the Niantic Boardwalk 
and then 
resumed "The position" ;}}} at our table....we live out here every day we
are able...we have woods all around and privacy (except for: see below) and

I am working on my Pansies:

Slowly stitching and wool-gathering while watching those big puffy white clouds sail by........

Re-reading this book by Sherri Lynn Wood --I have been wanting to move 
my quilting in this direction for a long time, and now that the College Quilts are done I can:
and ...looking back at my quilts, over the years, I see that I never really followed the patterns that I used exactly as written
...I always veered off in another direction--even if only a little bit...

So, because I am hesitant to just start from a "void", I will be using these four star blocks as my base and improv-ing around them -- somehow, some way--
I really don't know..I've pinned them up and need to stare at them for a bit...
pondering..........can this work even...???
Right now, I am thinking of comet tails, stars shifting across the 
summertime night sky
hot stars...hmmmm, 

I had originally cut a ga-zillion 3.5" squares for the centers and points in reds and yellows--(thinking of the usual 12 or so blocks sewn against each other in rows...... which is just fine, BUT....)

but now I am moving toward cutting these pieces into other pieces and then into small coin strips (?? )

Or something?? Quien sabe???

I really like that one old, mottled fabric strip in the middle and I think I shall incorporate it along with my own coffee/tea dyed strips--but I am not sure how as yet...
somewhere...somehow...oh gosh, who knows???

Strange way to work...That is why I am beginning with my good, old standby ruler-measured and straight-edged cut blocks...sort of a home base 
before stepping into that void....this sounds very dramatic, I know,
but inside I feel that this is a real departure and challenge for me....

The new pieces will be free cut strips of some sort...(Sherri style) --
and we shall see how  that goes!!  

I come from a background of knitting (repetitive patterns and motions) and embroidery--which in my Crazy Quilt blocks did wander off into fancifulness...
At least a bit of free form work....
Can you tell that I am not sure??? how many times did I write that here???

And now for something entirely different...;))) 
Neighbors and such....and only seeing your own view...ahem...
*****************************     ***************************
Here is where we sit for summer meals....over looking the dingle between our next door neighbors and us...which is all fine, right?? Greenery, trees, space...


Since our neighbors decided to park an old and painted bright blue school bus right in our line of sight sitting here on our deck (! I cannot tell you how annoying this is!!)-- without a thought to our view-- (they can't see it, of course :((( )...
Thom  (brilliant guy that he is!!) went and ordered this 
barrier-- usually used around pool fences ---and installed it
so that when we are seated--NO BUS is visible!! YAY!!

We, unfortunately can see it inside our tv room which is on the same side of 
our house--a room with nine windows, a sunroom.  That is just something we will have to live with I guess...
I even invited my neighbor to come and have coffee in our sunroom so that looking out our windows she HAD TO SEE the BUS! You cannot miss the huge old thing (darn it!!).
Do you think she either made any comment or had it moved...or anything???
Of   course  not.....silly moi to think she would even notice, right?? RIGHT!!

And so it goes....

hugs to you all on this glorious Saturday
Julierose La Blageuse (chatterbox-euse)


  1. Love lazy afternoons and your pansies!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. We have no blue buses around here but there is a neighbor dog that barks a lot when tied up outside. I guess it's always something. Wishing we lived close enough to each other to visit over cups of coffee. Sounds fun. :)

  3. Pretty blocks, and the books look like fun. Love your patio. I have a pirate ship that I see. LOL

  4. I think you're so much better at improv sewing than I'll ever be! I love your projects. Neighbors can be odd sometimes. Our neighbors complained about our shed and we actually had to move it! They're house is up for sale and I'm happy about it!

  5. Looks like a tasty lunch and a good idea to have the barrier on the deck - we know all about neighbours and view blocking!!!! I love the fact that you invited your neighbour around for a visit but nothing changed - that's folks for ya!! Now, your move into Improv - good for you I'm going to be watching with great interest.

  6. This will be quite a challenge, but I am sure the quilt will turn out beautiful in the end.
    Nice solution for the view!

  7. Oh, that is rather funny about the neighbour and the bus! Seems like she either didn't notice, or didn't care. If they have parked it where THEY can't see it all the time, maybe that's all that matters to them.

  8. Ignoring the ignorant neighbors... I wonder if you would enjoy free cutting and piecing some long gentle curves to add in. I just sent a tutorial I wrote to another person, and she did them successfully. I'll see if it's in sent mail if you like.
    Otherwise, I find all the odd shaped scraps to be more condusive to pleasing mix. You could tilt the straight pieces too. On a whim, tilt sew straight line, trim, tilt sew trim.
    I hear you loving the mottled fabric... start there and it may lead away from these blocks. Start with something easy to piece or a technique you want to learn. The whole piece is low contrast anyway, play with line coming and going because the fabrics blend.
    I'm watching...

  9. So many ideas to improvise with these star blocks: Coin sets like Audrey made with her baskets, comets/shooting stars, another star or freehand Churn Dash. What fun you'll have deciding.

  10. Ah you and I could talk about neighbours....as I type I am sitting on our deck having just finished a lovely supper. Kids' next door soccer ball keeps getting kicked inour yard...a bit annoying but better than where we lived just 2 months ago where we basically shared a patio and could hear her hoarking up a glob of something disgusting in her throat or nose ... Much better here and the future fence should put an end to this soccer ball... enjoyed reading your musings about new directions!

  11. *gasp* love love loving the pansies quilting... ah... that kind of stitching is on my "to do" one day list. heh heh


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