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Sunday, June 4, 2017


                          Not even one pansy showed up in my front garden this year; 

I usually can count on at least a few volunteers that have managed to winter over...
but none did this cold and wet Spring....

I took out my Pansy Garden piece (since I've  finished hand quilting my Dresdans) 
and am hand stitching  it while watching tv in the evenings...
mostly during Red Sox games

                I am working the lavender bits with a nice, dark purple  perle cotton....

and may be adding some beadwork to those print centers....

I have not added any backing yet as these blocks were made on muslin squares--one of
my all-time favorite methods of working...and I can sew with the muslin backing to support the stitches;
(and, of course, while I'm doing this, I have in mind another piece with an
 Autumn flavor to it...   see "Ease Off" below)

This afternoon there is a 1:35 game, so I will be deciding what beads to add....and perhaps even some lace-ey bits...almost like my Victorian Crazy quilt ....

Speaking of having things in mind and: (after being awakened by a virulent smell of skunk at 3:30 a.m., and putting AC on to clear it out, and therefore finding myself hopelessly AWAKE for the day!!;0000) ....(ACK!!)
when I peered into my sewing room on the way by, I spied this little gem, uh...
lovenote (hahaha) from my hubby on my design wall:

                                                 I tend to get a bit intense (ya think??) 

                 --as in cracking my ironing board by pressing a bit too vigorously-- ;0000

and just this past week.................

pulling muscles in my right side (which laid me up for 3 whole days!!)
from rotary cutting!! (OUCH!!)          
                                                    *****S I G H****** 

(I have since installed  a new blade and am trying to let the cutter do the work..)

It all stems from getting so "involved" in my process....trying to hold onto ideas
and not let them just disappear--poof!! Thinking too far ahead of what I am 
actually doing that very moment...

I have begun keeping an idea notebook to
just jot things down...a list of projects I really would like to make--
drawings--sketches, really;  as my art skills leave a lot to be desired...
page #'s from quilt books so I can FIND them again....
and not have to rifle through my entire library wondering....
where in the heck I SAW that thing I HAVE to make--right now!!

AND so, that sign from someone who knows me all too well  ;}}}}
A good aide memoire for me....

Julierose, La Blageuse (hand stitching-euse)


  1. Wow, that is a lot of stitching on that block, it is going to be beautiful.

  2. The pansies are beautiful blocks! The stitching looks really nice on them. I don't think my pansies came up this year either. I have a few of those sketchbooks. I try to use them but I do forget sometimes!

  3. I do love the gorgeous pansy blocks! Is it like a crazy quilt pattern? Or is it your own design? I would love to play a bit with some blocks like that!

  4. Your blogs are always so fun to read... you are a real card.

  5. What a sweet note! He obviously cares about your well-being. A notebook is a good way to keep your ideas for future projects somewhere safe. Just don't move house and lose it! (Still haven't found mine, last seen 3 houses ago.)

  6. Oh my! Cracking your ironing board, pulling muscles!
    Maybe not "ease off" but at least "ease up".
    Love your pansies!
    Take care.

  7. Funny note from your husband - mine would do the same kind of thing. When I stand and rotary cut (even with my ergo cutter) for too long, my lower back lets me know that i over did it.

  8. It's good to sit and relax whilst hand quilting, your pansies are looking good but shame that they haven't bloomed in the garden for you. What a hoot about you cracking the ironing board - never done that - yet!
    Your comment about a new blade in the rotary reminds me that I need to change mine before attempting any more cutting, and we seem to be on the same page with the idea of jotting future projects and relevant notes down as soon as we have the idea. I often come up with ideas but then forget!

  9. your pansy blocks are gorgeous! Did hubs ever see Einsteins desk? messy creative mind lol you are genius girl!

  10. I've hurt myself cutting too. A new blade! Simple fix and one I forget. Love love the sign your husband put up to surprise you. The hand stitching is great. I know you want to make make make all the ideas (me too) but know what? We are not likely to make all we want to. Best we can do is hide the stash somewhere to find in our next life!

  11. Lovely hand stitching, perfect with the pansies.
    I understand about getting too intense, relaxing is
    a better ride but I forget!

  12. Your stitching on your pansy quilt is beautiful! I can get pretty intense with my quilting too. I sometimes over do it and hurt myself. My husband doesn't leave me notes though. He usually begs me to go for a ride with him or takes me somewhere where I can't do any sewing and have to give him all my attention. Men are so funny!


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