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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Here are are few "in progress"
pictures of my coin strips...
My first trial of adding wonky separator

AND THEN......................

Here, after much thought and fiddling about,  a bit wider..with the curved separator strips.....
I do like the organic
look of these a lot.....

NEXT: came this.........

Trial borders...................really really dark though......and I didn't like the abruptness
of the coins to the very dark strips at all and, so more waiting and fiddling-----------
to this:

Nope, didn't like it....something is still out of whack, doesn't feel right...

AND: finally...AHHH-HAAA...

                                                                Y E S !!

I added some small outer light strips on left and right to ease the change to the dark outer strips --I hoped

...and then added :

the top and bottom mottled fabric  which picks up that little mini strip in the center.
(can you see that little jewel pieced strippy?)
..this fabric was what began the whole thing; and strangely I only used a little bit...but I like how it livens up the others....

And finally my dark surround..  

I think I like it as is. 

My object was a trial, small Improv piece.  And to see if I liked the process--all about process for me...and I find that despite the slowness of this process, I liked
fiddling around and doing a little bit at a time.  I had to take many breaks--and sit and stare at it a lot....moving this, moving that, trying out....

And so this stands...but I think I'm done with this one...my first
 Coin Toss:-- "Midnight Garden".;)))

And with hubby in hospital still, I used my sewing as therapy for worry....
So, perhaps this darkish piece reflects my state of mind, I wonder...

I am on my way up with a "care package" later this morning.  gosh, the house feels so
quiet and empty with him gone....we are hoping he will be able to come home
I want to thank you all for your prayers and the good wishes you've sent us--they are appreciated more than you'll ever know...♬

Star Rise is on being pin basted now a little at a time...

(Missing Mom during this step a lot. She used to help me with all my pinning--many hands make shorter work!)...

deciding how to hand quilt this one..
I would love to try a Baptist fan in each block maybe--or overall...hmmmm
hugs to you all
Julierose, La blageuse (waiting-euse)🙏


  1. Best wishes for your husbands recovery! Love your little improv piece! Really great feel to it with the seperator strips. What a success! I too have to do a lot of sitting, staring and thinking. I think that's part of learning our way in this uncharted territory we're exploring!

  2. wish we lived closer girl. I am off today going with Rich to dr but I would certainly keep you company. hope things go well. love your improv piece. fun to play isnt it?

  3. I do like the lighter inner borders you added. This piece turned out nicely.

    Fingers crossed your hubby comes home soon! Continued prayers for you both.

  4. Coin toss is wonderful! My kind of sewing! I hope your husband comes home today;

  5. I love the organic look. How do you sew that?
    Glad you hobby is on his way home soon.

  6. Looks great. I am sorry hubby is in the hospital again. I can relate to a quiet house.

  7. I think what I like about your piece is that you let the outer (dark) strips be liberated and organic as well as the coin strips and separators. Sending hugs for healing.

  8. Your quilt looks perfect! So happy you played around and found what worked. Hope your husband comes home soon. A quiet house never feels right. Hope all is well!

  9. Love the finished piece. Best wishes for good news at the hospital.

  10. Your coin toss is very beautiful and organic, as in alive.
    God bless you, I hope everything turns out well.

  11. Love your improv piece, beautiful soft curves. I must have missed that it was your husband in hospital, I do hope he is able to come home, and that he recovers quickly.

  12. I'm sorry to hear your hubby is in the hospital--I hope he has a quick recovery! Your improv quilt is great--love it!

    1. Like the end result. I do that a lot, just look at something till I find better

  13. I wanted to visit you since you visited me and left such a sweet comment! I really like your Coin Toss piece, and found we have something in common when it comes to the improv process - and that is liking the process, trying something, then standing back and looking at it for awhile until younfigure out the next step. I'm new to improv, but excited to try more! I'm sorry to hear your husband is in the hospital and hope things are looking up. I know how hard those times are. I'll be thinking of you!

  14. Your coin toss looks fabulous - thank you for sharing the process with us.It does take time and thought to make the improv quilts, but I find them very enjoyable. I hope your husband heals quickly and is back home from the hospital.

  15. I like your soft organic curves a lot - and the balance of things seems just right. All that sitting and thinking paid off!


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