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Monday, July 3, 2017


Here is the beginning of my "Fly Like an Eagle" journey in applique.

I found this pattern in Sarah Fielke's book and loved its simplicity--uhhh..and also not a
lot of pieces for a neophyte appliquer...;}}} I will be showing how I do--warts and all..

You can see the blue starred fabric that will be Monsieur Eagle (L)...I was lucky to have found it and that cute red print in my stash....I don't have any patriotic pieces made, so this will be my 4th of July tribute...

I plan to do prepared applique as needleturn makes my stomach clench in knots...for some strange reason...;???)

I am taking a break from the Coin Toss series (will be backing and quilting Midnight Garden
next--and pondering what in the heck to do with the other two sets that is different!)
In the meantime, ("...in between time, ain't we got fun..")

Here are the first 3 liberated baskets I've made: Fruits and Flowers

I am using up the last (sob, sob!!) of my beloved toile print as a background ....

On the left basket the handles didn't remain where they were told to stay--they bowed outside the edges (bad handles!! Naughty bias!!) and so I will applique a few leaves and cherries to uhhh ....cover up their errant ways...hahaha they will definitely be .......
                                              L I B E R A T E D....;))))

I have 3 more cut out and ready to sew...those handles really have a mind of their own...
but I think I can "Handle" (groan) them.....

Hope you are all enjoying this holiday...we are--I am so glad to have the
 hubster home....;)))
Julierose, La Blageuse (flying-euse)


  1. Glad to hear your hubby is home. Fun baskets. Good luck with your Eagle. I tried some hand work the other day, and hand just shakes too badly.
    Butterfly is winging it's way to you now.

  2. Love your eagle, and your liberated baskets. The fabric is so yummy.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your Eagle progress...I love eagle quilts! Your baskets are fun and the added leaves and cherries are perfectly wonderful liberated additions! (PS, love your toile fabric, too!)

  4. I love the looks of that Eagle...can't wait to see it finished.

    You are getting a lot done, my friend. I am so jealous.

    Happy 4th!

  5. Your eagle looks like a fun project and your baskets look cute :)

  6. love toile fabric. Tour baskets are cute even with a mind of their own

  7. Your eagle is flying high by the looks of it! I too love your toile fabric...my bedroom curtains are identical to your backgrounds. Lovely baskets and I also enjoyed making a Chinese Coins quilt...great way to use up smaller fabric pieces. Happy Holiday to you.

  8. love liberated quilting. and cant wait to see the eagle soar.

  9. I always love eagle quilts. I'm starting a new one soon myself. fun toile

  10. Hope the hubster is being a good patient and resting. I love your eagle, I have that particular book and love her patterns, Now, your beautiful liberated baskets are a delight!

  11. Glad to hear your husband is home again. That toile is lovely and makes a great background for your baskets.


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