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Sunday, July 30, 2017


I put "Blue Moon" up on my design wall as it uses 1.5" strips and thought that it, along with my new project over at Diane's ,

 (her beautiful and well thought out pattern for her star sew- a- long also uses strips-- but 2.5" ones--who knows how one's mind works, but there it is!--;))) --go and check it out--just really cleverly worked out!!) would be good to sew using the leader-ender method...
Uhhh, do you get what I meant--both strip works??? Anyhoo.....;*)))

Here is the Blue Moon fabric that sparked my whole idea for using all sorts of blues and teals in close color families for the bands...(a lot of older stash in this one) .

I also, it seems, began another colorway--if I recall-- to use up my H U G E pink stash that I never seem to use...

So here, pinks and purples...with a bit of light blue thrown in and whites...
I have no idea where this is going (either I've forgotten, or never really knew in the first place...which may be more likely considering how I seem to work LOL).

AND...Butterflies Are Free has reached this point:

I finished up appliqueing those golden leaf-ey circles...I am happy with them...
and so...now what?? 

Am thinking maybe a little flange all around of what's left of that
circle fabric...and then the low key strips I have already cut...

But then, of course, someone mentioned that flowers go with butterflies--should I do a flower-ey border too??  

Decisions, decisions--borders, of all kinds, I guess, are difficult for me to figure out--
But,at least if you don't like how they look, you can un-pick (gasp!!) them fairly easily....
so that is where this one waits....fluttering....


Sewed the binding onto Star Rise--finally!!;000-- yesterday, despite the fact that I am a bit under the weather--both the DH and I seem to be feeling like we have some kind of stomach bug...I was determined to get this one done...I folded it in half and over after sewing it on,,,haven't done that in a while, but I like how it came out...

the binding is a big array of scrappy binding bits--all
in blues that I had in the leftover
bindings bin...
So, that worked out well...


I will leave you with my latest flower in bloom, my glads...

I have a yellow just budding and another
shade of this yummy apricot...

I cut this one about 4 days ago and it is still 
ok inside...do you put sugar in your flower water?
I do and it seems to work well...

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday--it is a beautiful Fall-like day here--cool breezes
and sunshine...ahhhhh
Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (binding-euse)


  1. So glad you showed yours. My grandma always had glads in her garden. She'd cut them and take a bunch to the church down the road. (Thanks for the memory.)

  2. LOVE those blues and purples in the first photo -- glorious!

  3. Wow are you making the awesome quilt out of all the squares? Love your strips and your butterflies. Your star rising is gorgeous too.

  4. You have been super busy and making lovely progress on your projects. I love the colors in your strip blocks.


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