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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Lessons learned:

1) Cut background block A LOT bigger than you think you'll need...because....

My eagle decided to spread her wings further and fluff her feathers out....and so, (sigh)
those borders had to come in to save the day...

2) "beaks, and tips and cuts in a hurry..." not good; slowly slowly ; and only clip concave
She is a bit tattered at wing tips and her beak is a bit blunted ....I think she's a bit worn out from my gyrations....a bit frayed....lol --as am also   ;ooo

3) dark fabric + dark thread very hard to SEE--even with new lenses....and that lovely red background moves before your eyes...choose fabrics more wisely....

NOW:  Questions to take my time over...

What to add......
and do I trim out the base fabric or not ...

.for now, she is resting on my wall...and
I need to do more research.

She will be a patriotic wall hanging...and, with that in mind
I am longing to make some little 9 patches in a border surround...but, we'll see....
And I need a flag somewhere and some flowers...perhaps a little pot of flowers and a flag
at the bottom?? and some fabrics to lighten it up a bit, too...

Stay tuned....I am also resting, ya think???;)))

hugs to all, 
Julierose, La Blageuse (new applique-journey-euse)


  1. he looks great! cutting is hard , one reason I have done so little of it

  2. She looks great in her picture! Can't wait to see what you will do with the rest.

  3. You're surely very busy with your quilting, lots on the go at your home.
    Your idea of nine patch around the eagle sounds good, give it a try.

  4. your list of tips is good for appliquers!
    definitely only clip inside curves and not too much or too deep.
    looks good

  5. I love the borders you added. It's looking good so far!


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