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Thursday, July 27, 2017


THE first row of my circles added to the sashings....

three more to go.. my accuquilt Go! Baby circle cutter really is great--
I love cutting my x-tra index cards into circles and then using the starch and iron method around them ....

on the left is a possibility for the side border--but I don't know--- kind of same old, same old and bland...we'll see what else I can come up with....

Oh.............. still not perfect, but better..
I love this fabric--and why didn't I get a yard of it?? ;(((

Today, Thom and I took a ride and found this lovely tree to add to our front yard...
A Colorado "Baby Blue" Spruce...I love the shape and color...

We added it along our paved sidewalk leading to our front door... and what's nice is that 
it echoes the
blue spruce we have along the front of our house....

I just love this color--and am imagining how beautiful it will look when the ground is covered  with snow....and perhaps a few little wind chimes...
hanging from the branches....
("Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...")

Julierose, La Blageuse (circling-euse)


  1. What a sweet little tree! Just perfect for a Christmas tree.

  2. OK frankly I think your circles look fabulous. Love the fabric you used. Your little spruce is precious too.

  3. what about a slab border using all the butterfly and neutrals. or piano key? good way to use up those pieces that are in the quilt top. love your Christmas tree. can I come over and go caroling? lol only one problem I cant carry a tune in a bucket lol

  4. I love the circles! And I am very jealous of your spruce -- we can't grow them in northern Texas and I absolutely love them1

  5. Love the circles on the sashing. how about a darker border? this is just a lovely piece. I'm envious of your beautiful tree. mary in Az

  6. julierose... are you in CT? I could have come for a visit? dang...

  7. You could put a few lights on the blue spruce at Christmas. So pretty! The butterflies look great with the added circle appliques. Great fabrics!

  8. Such a soft quilt. I'm intrigued by your quiet color scheme and the mix of circles with butterflies.
    Blue spruce are so beautiful; I'm glad you added one. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  9. Oh lovely Spruce in your garden, aren't they a wonderful colour! Your butterfly quilt is coming along nicely!

  10. The fabrics used in your butterfly piece are so pretty.

  11. That little tree will be adorable covered in snow.


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