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Saturday, July 8, 2017


I spent the last 3 days turning in circles back and forth, back and forth --(ack!!).

I free cut those rounds from little 2" folded squares of freezer paper and trimmed the edge in an arc--to get those wonky circle-y shapes...

Lesson learned: It's ok for shapes to be wonky-- BUT not lumpy/bumpy (ugh!) --

On the first few circles though, I tried my old bugaboo-needleturn applique--
reasoning, how hard could it be?  Well, it defeated me yet again!! Plus
my undone funkified shapes were now all fraying like crazy after undoing them:
(humming: "But not for meeee..."  between clenched teeth! ;ooo) 

I  just said to myself, OKAY  
they will match my eagle's tattered beak and wing tips and 
left them there to remind me for next time--
I much prefer the freezer paper on the back, 
starching the seams first- method before sewing...
and proceeded to finish 
the rest using that method...

YET Another lesson learned: ...your finished shapes will only look as good as
your cut templates are.

All this from 10 little round-ish shapes...who knew???

This did me in for applique this time around and
as far as I was concerned I was D O N E  with anymore 
applique on this piece.
**********************************Now for Part Deux:

So here's my story re: Borders (I am long-winded today as always ;000)---

Eagle was on my wall RIGHT NEXT to my 3rd set of Chinese Coin strips and ..
And, all of a sudden I had an "ah-ha" moment..

why not use them to border eagle medallion style...
would they go?  Could I?

I had been looking up all the border types I could make, 
but--here these were 


SO why not???
Plus those roundish things picked up some colors in the coin strips, too....

SO..... I measured and measured and measured AGAIN
and  yes, 
I had just enough with only two little pieces leftover (about 4 little strip coin pieces) .
then...I knew they needed some kind of separator strips and spied that
mauve floral...but
 that mauve, 
could it go with the red in the center..? And YES!!
Well I liked it..anyway...;)))))

SO: my first medallion was born...
{Madame Eagle-agreed--she like her surround...}

All I have to do now is sew on this lovely print--one of my very old fabrics...as the final border

                                                          V O I L A !!

hugs,  Julierose, La Blageuse (wordy-euse);)))


  1. Love your very unique, fun looking eagle quilt! Very nice work. The coin strips are the perfect border! Applique pieces made from lots of small pieces are a pain to work with. Better luck next time!!

  2. I think your coins and mauve stop border are just perfect, as is the final dark blue border. Your eagle is dancing with joy at her surroundings and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  3. Great job and I love your roundish circly things, and your coin border.

  4. I think it looks lovely and if the Eagle is happy everyone should be happy! For circles.... I started cutting out a circle of card stock (or index cards since I seem to have lots of them!). Big stitch around the edge and pull to get a nice circle shape, then appliqué that onto the top... slice a little slit in the back and pull out the circle.

  5. the eagle looks great. I use used dryer sheets when making my small applique pieces. sew them together and then slit the dryer sheet and turn. it helps me to get those tight spots.

  6. It was all meant to be! I love how it all came together for you--wonderful!

  7. Love your eagle piece of work., lots of scrappy goodness there.

  8. I love how the quilts come together. Love the look, too. I know the trouble with the applique circles. I tried the 365 circles. Did 2 and that was it. After that I couldn't seem to get the edges close to round. Gotta try that again.

  9. It's such a great feeling when all the pieces come together. Sorry for the initial frustration, but it looks like you've got a wonderful finish in the works.

  10. someone once told me how your template is cut, that will be the exact finished look. I think it looks great. You are practicing the zen... the process is the thing...

  11. great looking string border for your eagle.
    I have a berry (circle) making tutorial on my blog in a top tab if you ever want to give it a try.

  12. Oh my, I love how everything just came together. This piece was definitely meant to be. It's turning out very nice.


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