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Monday, July 10, 2017


Look what I won  From Terri at Quiltncards....

Isn't she lovely--all paperpieced you should SEE all the seams on the back--HOLY COW, gal!!
I've only done a small bit of paper piecing myself and can't imagine the patience needed to do this baby butterfly...

And--my lucky day--
 it will go with my 2nd Chinese Coins Toss strips...
thank you so much Terri--I just love it!!;)))) Check out her other pretties....
And speaking of Butterflies--in 2015 I made these "Butterflies Are Free" using
machine applique for the first time: testing Helga....

there are a whole lot more, too---some already appliqued some to be done...
and I am embroidering with black DMC No.12 cotton thread...on each one...

Like this
And this

The background fabric is an impressionistic rendering of Venice--to remind us of our Italy trip a few years ago...

All the butterflies are batiks from my collection..
These have been my deck work (or AC like today if it is too hot).  

Do you like cruciferous veggies?  I love them...cabbage is my very favorite--;))))

as a matter of fact for lunch today I am frying some shredded cabbage in a bit of
Virgin Olive oil with salt and pepper...for my lunch...YUM YUM (Mr. Hubster is not
fond of veggies, so I just make some pour moi!! )

And so I will leave you guys for now --I hope to machine applique more Flutterbyes (lol)
this afternoon...and manger le cabbage...

hugs, Julierose La blageuse (embroidering-euse)


  1. yum save some cabbage for me!I will join you and butterfly away LOL pretty butterflies and how lucky are you?

  2. I eat a lot of cabbage, but usually just shredded and made into a salad. Wow what a great win, and your butterflies are gorgeous.

  3. I love your embroidery touches on those butterflies. I love cabbage and fry it will a little milk and serve on toast...such a good little snack.

  4. beautiful butterfly , happy you won sweetie

  5. I have to invite myself over as I lOVE cabbage. Just this way, but for a bit of butter added.

  6. All your butterflies are lovely! You won a gorgeous one! Love cabbage. Has such a great taste. Enjoying the heat?? I'm liking it so far but also love my air conditioning!!

  7. The paper pieced butterfly is very pretty as are yours. The embroidery you are doing is perfect for those blocks.

  8. Wow, I really like both the appliqued and the paper pieced butterflies. They are all so pretty. I like a red cabbage slaw that I make, but I really don't like many other cruciferous vegetables.

  9. Thanks for sharing your butterflies and cabbage.
    Embroidery is a nice touch.


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