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Sunday, July 30, 2017


                                                             Star Rise is finished!!
(Notes )
I used that leftover children's castle print that was so popular a few years ago 
(I asked myself at the time:"Now, why did you buy this??--you'll NEVER use it!"
and it ended up Waaay in the back of my blue stash)--

and  here, (amazing myself) I end up just LOVING how the people are all standing around the  edges --watching the stars rise....;))) SWEET!!

I guess you just never know, and have to go with your gut....


the backing is just a couple of old, old fabrics...softened by time...

And, I ended up by tying this one..............................


with a light blue 
DMC cotton
No. 8 , a lovely

**and I am happy I put in these "Love" strips for contrast...

just a couple...

And so my Star Rise journey is over--even labelled it....;))) 

Would I make this one again?  
(Actually I do have a few leftover blocks that will become something)

Well, I certainly would make another string quilt--whether or not this pattern,
maybe not, although it was a challenge and fun!!

I truly enjoy this kind of work...I didn't use any batting as the blocks were all
sewn on light muslin....so it is not too heavy...

I am having a celebratory drinkie and patting myself on the back--
("and another one bites the dust..." yeah, yeah, yeah!!) 

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse, (done-euse)


  1. Congrats on a fabulous finish!
    I like string piecing too and have a waiting collection, but no inspiration for a project yet.

  2. This is beautiful. First, it looked like just another string quilt and then I saw the stars - Lovely!!!

  3. love it Julie! so gorgeous.....and um thanks....now I HAD to look at Dianes blog and this morning made about 15 blocks.......thanks LOL I did them all in blues.....

  4. Gorgeous finish! Congratulations.

  5. Sweet finish! I love that little border print too.

  6. It is beautiful! String blocks have so much depth and interest.

  7. Wonderful finish! So many great fabrics in those string blocks. Looks great!! Congrats on the finish!

  8. Yay for a great finish! So fun to use up some old fabric too!

  9. It's absolutely beautiful Julie Rose.

  10. This is SO pretty --- I love the variety of fabrics and the layout. Hooray for a finish!!

  11. I love Star Rise--awesome! Congrats on your finish!

  12. Lovely! I really love it. The colors are great, and the people standing around the sides... reminds me of watching for shooting stars when the kids were little. We went to their school yard with a big group and layed out on the grass.

  13. Congratulations on such a pretty finish! The border fabric is adorable!

  14. You do deserve a pat on the back !! I love it, the border fabric couldn't be more perfect, enjoy the drink!

  15. Beautiful finish! You've reminded me I need to work on my neglected string stars.

  16. Congratulations, you definitely deserve that pat on the back. I love your little people all round the edge; they had a really special extra character to a very pretty quilt.

  17. OMG, how did I miss this? It turned out so beautifully!!! Congrats!


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