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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Happy mail from Babs ...All sorts of lovelies for my crazy quilting and lovely fabric squares...
Isn't she sweet ?  ;)) thank you so much Babs, for your thoughtfulness--you made my day...

Gorgeous ribbons


And this pink stuff, too
                                    And my very favorite little rosettes to use in my Crazy blocks...
Can't wait to use them all....and since Willa and Fiona saw this package, well,,,,,you know they want some, too...;))))


Here are the blocks I received from our Slab Swap:
Isn't it fascinating how people think of "neutrals"? Which was my choice of color....

I am very happy with them all and am thinking of adding my 2.5" twosies squares as a surround for a table topper...what I like best is that they are so very different from my style--and that is what is so much fun!! ; }}}}
thank you ladies: Dawn, Jacky, Rosemary and Jeanna...


Today feels like it will be a lovely and much cooler Summer's Day; so, errands this morning, maybe binding on Star Rise and finish turning and starching Eagle...very finicky work, I'm
finding--oh those points and inner curves...yikes...
my poor bird may turn out a bit tattered and spikey--
but then he has been flying for a while....lol

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse
(sticky fingers-euse ;ooo)


  1. Lovely mail, and enjoy the beautiful day. Your slabs are gorgeous too.

  2. what a nice surprise to find in your mail box

  3. It's always a happy time to receive goodies in the mail, you've got to show us how you use them!

  4. You received some very nice mail. The slab blocks were so much fun...I love the ones I received :)


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