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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


                  Do you remember this reversible hexagon tabletopper from a few years ago?

Well, it turns out that I have a whole lot of extra prepped hexies from it...
Actually all the flower bits...

So, between those and my Monet's garden orts [;)))] I have begun making this little one:

and....since I threw my back out 3 days ago and cannot sit at my machine, I have been reading and sewing hexagons....:00000!!

I love that water-ey blue batik and the pansy fabrics ;(I seem to be on such a pansy kick lately) and have three started
--so my paths are strewn with flowers instead of the other way around...
just for a change--
we'll see how this develops...

The black centers are from Monet's garden;

so, ladies, I am "on the road in Hexagonia" once again, 
enjoying the trip...and
reading--- in between icing my back and moving s l o w l y....
through my days...

{today we are fogbound, gray and rainy....}

hugs to all,
Julierose, La Blageuse (From Hexagonia)
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  1. Love your hexies! Take care of that back. Sorry it is out. It sure can put a damper on all activities. My chiropractor says ice ice ice......so you got that covered. Fast healing! Hugs, karen

  2. They are going to be lovely! You need more scraps?

  3. oh no. you need to get a new back. get better soon

  4. Sorry to read that your back has gone again! You have my sympathies with that.
    Love your hexagons and now you have me thinking that I could sit quietly each day and work on mine, haven't made any for a few weeks!

  5. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your back. Those pretty hexies should be making you smile they are so pretty.

  6. This looks like a great new project! Hexies are good to work on anytime, anywhere. Hope your back is feeling better.

  7. Hope the sun shines soon, would make your back feel better

  8. Oh dear--I hope your back is feeling better soon! It's a good thing you have some hexies to work on though!

  9. Love the hexies.
    Try "Blue Emu Oil" It works on my aches, and sometimes it is my back. (You can find it at WalMart.)

  10. Sorry you threw your back out again. Love your hexies.

  11. Hope your back gets better! These hexagon projects are so pretty! Hope they take your mind off your poor back!

  12. Pretty little hexies! I hope your back is better soon. Look after yourself.

  13. I am so sorry about your back but happy that you can continue with handsewing. Love the things you show

  14. I hope your back is improving. Ouch. Great hexies! One of my favorite quilts ever was a pansy one in those gorgeous purple and yellow colors.

  15. Beautiful hexie project underway. I'm sorry to hear you have a sore back. Hope you feel much better soon!


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