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Friday, March 17, 2017


the reverse of Christmas on Pipere's Farm table topper --finally got this together...

And the Bossy side LOL

And here are a few close ups...


with this, I have finished what I am going to make from the Farm Girl Vintage set of blocks....

********************     ********************    ***************

Here is my wish for Winter to be O V E R ...

A Summer Breeze for the back of my Spring Pansies in progress...(I am not a fan of hourglass
sewing--again with the triangle challenged-brain...) .but I love these fabrics--;))))
 (Here insert:
"If I could save time in a bottle....la la-la-laaaah, la la laaaah...")
I have come to a complete STOP: ..................with my sewing...and handworks, and paper crafting, embroidery etc...

I am debating whether to make another spider web (I have a lot of papers leftover...)
or wait for my teeny periwinkle tool and papers from MSQC to come in the mail...
so adorable... from Jennie, the enabler...;))))................
OR a log cabin piece....

BUT********I cannot seem to come to any kind of decision**************

which usually means for me, that it is time to take stock, rest and see where I want to go....
nothing jumps out at me....cabin fever strikes again...;0000

hugs and TGIF to you all,
Julierose, La Blageuse      ( Spring Fevered-euse)


  1. I love those fabrics, too. You did a lovely job of the table runners. Fun cow!
    Hang in there - the snow will melt soon, and pretty things will start growing.

  2. You get so much done! I love the fabric in the hourglass blocks! I have a few of those. Aren't they Robyn Pandolph? Have a great weekend! 😃

  3. You get so much done! I love the fabric in the hourglass blocks! I have a few of those. Aren't they Robyn Pandolph? Have a great weekend! �� Ps. Love the table topper! That cow is adorable!

  4. You did very well with your Farm Girl Vintage blocks. I love the table runner.

    Oh what will you do next?

  5. Bossy is so cute, love that table topper. It's kind of fun when you get to select a new project "quilt free". Wonder if I will ever get there again?

  6. Yes....love the cow too!!! Hang in there...Spring IS coming!! (SLowly but surely!)

  7. Love the Farm Girl table topper! You really made these blocks with your own style. Love that! Hoping your Spring Pansies do the trick and get rid of winter!!

  8. Your Farm girl table topper turned out great. I hate it when there is so much I want to do, or have going, but nothing really speaks to me at that point in time.

  9. love your Christmas on Peperes farm. so so cute and fun. that is what quilting is about. if it isnt fun, move on to something else. I too cant decide on next projects. I want to do them ALL. everything I see LOL have fun


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