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Thursday, February 9, 2017


 On this SNOW-ey Thursday I'm sharing a few stops on the road of my Collage Journey...

I just love how this one emerged....

Here's a closer look

AND then....
Perfect for today, snowing and dreaming of Spring blooms

It is amazing to me how my choosing random --or what I think are
random- pictures, how they come together to illustrate my daily feelings.....

This was definitely an "UP" day....

And here, I am cheering myself on...

These are just a few of my collages that i have made since last summer--
I am scouring old magazines for images...these are just my "girls"; but
I also have a lot of nature ones also...

hugs from windy, frigid, and snowing like crazee (!) CT ;0000
Julierose, La Blageuse (collage-euse)


  1. Love your collages! Wish I could put images together like that. Your talent shines through! I had to work today but got home fine. I was lucky since I got out at 1. Nice to see the storm from inside the house! Hope you stayed in all day!

  2. Our weather man said you had two more snow storms right behind this. I may have to come up there and dig u and Dawn out

    1. yes Babs please do lol
      love your collages Julierose. I too am dreaming of Spring

  3. Love the collages. We had a little snow earlier this week... maybe 5". We don't get the lake effect kind since we are on the western side of the great lakes. Lots of cold, but not like I remember as a kid.
    Keep warm.

  4. Oh these are lovely Julie - hope you're sitting by a roaring fire keeping the cold at bay!

  5. oh, you and I are in a collage frame of mind. I love these. They tell the story, in fact I might write a story with my writing partner. You might want to join Alida's challenge hop, doing an art piece to represent women. I'll send the info. Alida at Tweety loves quilting. LeeAnna

  6. I just love this and it inspires me to give it a try.


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