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Friday, February 17, 2017


                              "OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS
                                 TO GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE WE GO..."
                                  AKA Crossroad block in my Christmas on
                                                        Pipere's Farm
 (".....And another one bites the dust,"......lol--songs keep rambling
   around my head lately;)))))

If you look closely (bottom and right side) --in the interest of "honesty"--
you can see that this one didn't  make it  to the 6.5" size
 BUT rather, is  only 6". AAARGH!! &*%#@ (censored)...hah!!

 I forGOT to set my needle over to get that scant 1/4"--this is my special bugaboo for sure...
seam allowance and I have NEVER seen eye-to-eye...ack!!

(I will fudge a few strips when I put these all together...I am a good fudger..ROTFLOL).

I hope you are all looking forward to the long weekend...I am not going to say a single,
solitary word about celebrating "President's Day"...ahem....;0000

I FOUND aNOther long, lost project--this one from before I had Helga and was working
on my old Pfaff that was (obviously) very sick at the time--the stitching is horrible. But
I am rescuing it and sewed a few little blocks together this afternoon...
stay tuned....
Julierose, La Blageuse (Farming-euse)


  1. I love the fussy cut face in the center of your block. I need to learn how to 'fudge' :)

  2. That block is gorgeous. I have that same bugaboo with my fancy machine. Which is probably why I like sewing on my antique machines better.

  3. Fudging is the way to go! You can fudge almost anything. And that is an adorable block!

  4. Sweet fabric in your block, and I love your words about not saying a word about "the day" - been reading two full pages in our newspaper here about a certain person - can't believe it!

  5. Enjoy your long weekend, whatever it is for!

  6. What a perfect fussy cut center! You are just such fun to watch creating your beautiful pieces of fabric and paper. I'm trying not to think about "president's day". mary in az

  7. Cool block--I like the trees between the snowy pieces--fun!

  8. You are getting so creative... Love the print, just right for a snowball block.

  9. This is such a great block. If a block is too small my friend D. just adds a bit all around, in similar or contrasting fabric and says that's the way she wanted it, it has never deterred from the whole quilt.


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