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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


My newest Farm Girl Christmas block--the bears are asleep under the haystacks....

This is my latest block--an easier one--as still nursing Mr. Pirate (;/0000) 
after his 2nd eye op....I've been looking for a spot for that really "cutie
patootie" bear to rest. And so....
I envision: 
Snow laden farms lying quiet under the moon covered with snow.  
My little bear crawled in there to stay warm...
[this was a fun block to put together ]
Next for me will be Crossroads I think....
so far four little 6" blocks and the big Mama Bovine...mooovin' slowly
(oh, this never gets old for me lol).

Hugs from cold snow-laden CT stay warm and safe
Julierose (Farm Gal-euse)


  1. love that idea! you know last year we had bear pooh in our front yard and at the back of our garden?

  2. Awe, your Farm Girl blocks are looking really nice! You are also having a great time with your cow...or at your cow's expense. LOL

  3. love your little bear. hope your big bear is being a good patient

  4. Another adorable block! I think my favorite is the milk can though--so fun!


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