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Monday, August 28, 2017


                                                                         REMEMBER ME?

I've been hanging in her closet (she that hosts this blog) forEVER!!!!
I think I'm pretty cute (even though I overheard her tell someone she doesn't really like how I turned out very much! hmmph!;((( )

See some of my cute scrappy blocks here....

I mean sun, moon, stars


sailboats, butterflies , shamrocks, flags and what have you's ;)))

cherries, flowers, feathers


                  Mr. "Ho-Ho-Ho" himself...I ask you what is wrong with her????
At least she's begun making a backing for me...below

(She is muttering to herself that she is again unsure of whether 
she likes it or not!--At least I'll have a friend to commiserate with....
doesn't she realize that not every quilt can be a STAR???? 
We can still be a comfort on a cold day after all...)S I G H...

I mean, I like it--pink and green-- almost like a Christmas feel...
she can be so picky, picky picky....aaargh!! 
Later on....I am now laid out on her dining table to be measured...

soooo,  I guess I will be her (she that wields the power;{{{{) Autumn 
big flimsy for her seasonal finish....

(I hated to say good-bye to my other unfinished friends hanging
around in that dark closet , but am feeling better about beginning 
to be 
done....)...talk later...I see her coming with the measuring tape....

Shhhh, don't tell a soul....she has no idea I posted this....let's
keep it that way ;)))

Hugs to all


  1. I always like to see UFOs finding a finish or new home. This one has many cute novelty prints. The back reminds me a bit of Cathy's Checkered Past. How fun this will be a two-sided quilt. Clever you.

  2. I know how you feel. I have one I take out now & then but just can't make myself finish it. Maybe I can add something to it to make it more lovable.

  3. Well I like the flimsy, and the backing is going to be a terrific addition. I think 'Chitchat' would be a great name for this quilt!

  4. Oh dear flimsy, how I love your zany cuteness with all those sweet glimpses of quilts past and future! And your brown sashing sets off your blocks perfectly. Someone will love you soon, you little treasure YOU!

    1. Oh thanks quilting Babica..so happy you understand (said in whisper as "you know who" is in the next room !! ) It feels so good to stretch out....hugs, Flimsy

  5. I love scrap quilts, and you've used some really fun prints. I like it! But I understand exactly what you mean.....

  6. Cute novelty prints in these blocks. Poor think I am sure she is going to miss her friends, languishing there in the back of that big, dark, closet.

  7. Love scrap quilts! They're a reminder of all our past quilts! I love the pink and green. Always a favorite of mine!

  8. Oh, if only our quilts could talk. They'd probably tell on me of all the things I mumble to myself...good or bad...as I'm working on them. Glad she is getting a backing so she can be loved. Happy sewing! Andrea

  9. Thanks for posting... now I know how quilts feel about their makers. I like your "I Spy" pieces...you are a very interesting quilt.

  10. lie still and get measured. you will soon have some new adventures and your friends will too. be patient

  11. LOL Julierose. Very intertaining post. and the backing is becoming as much work as the front. Been there ..... (g)

  12. Oh scrappy quilt--enjoy your time out of that dark closet--someday you will again see your friends (hopefully--lol)!

  13. Hahaha! This was a fun post. Congratulations on a soon-to-be finish.

  14. Dear Little Quilt,
    Maybe your maker doesn't like to a whole lot but I think you are delightful and exuberant with all your little interesting squares. I'm sure you do miss your friends in the closet but I hope it won't be long before you make new friends, especially one particular person to love and cuddle you. Maybe your mom will love you more by the time you're finished. I hope so!


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