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Sunday, August 6, 2017


                                 Here is my Slow Sunday Stitching entry this week.

This filly is all ready to be stitched down--it took me hours to turn her under...
;ooo.  that mane is still not perfect, but will have to flow as it is for now...


Filly Number Deux is ready and waiting for her operation..hahaha.

And when I get tired of appliqueing I can pick up Mme Eagle and quilt..

I only did 3 rows around her
as that fabric pattern just keeps moving before my eyes!!  Aaargh...

                                 Rich blue here, that mostly disappears ;000 because of that solidly
                                 textured print--which i would not use again...

I am using DMC No 8 cotton to big stitch on the borders on this one...
I really find that I love to hand quilt this way....

So I will be on our deck stitching away this Sunday....

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (slow-Sunday-euse) (linking up with Em 


  1. Love your horses. Wow the Eagle is lovely, but the background, I can see how it would make you go all googly eyed. Enjoy your slow stitching Sunday.

  2. cute applique projects. gotta find time today to work on my pumpkins,...

  3. Ouch! Yes, that fabric is hard on the eyes and its even not moving in the picture. I hope for you that this is the only block with that print. Enjoy the stitching! ;^)

  4. I love your horse. I like to big stitch too. I switched to #12 DMC cotton. It glides much easier through the fabric. Hugs

  5. you are ambitious lately, all that applique.

  6. Ohh, that horse, I love! Yes, that little print would surely be rough on the eyes.

  7. Nice horses...I can see how all that turning under would take a while!

  8. Love your applique horse and eagle, my friend!!! They are so pretty!

  9. Your horse looks wonderful. Oh I can see how that print would make your eyes cross. Wow, things you don't realize when you are making the quilt.

  10. Love your horses. Do you ride?

  11. Isn't it good to have several projects going so you can choose what to work on?

  12. Wow, the filly is fabulous! I love the Eagle, hope you made good progress on her.

  13. Wow--that horse is an applique challenge for sure--looks lovely!

  14. I love to quilt with perle too - the threads always look so pretty. I hope you make good progress and that eagle doesn't bother your eyes too much.

  15. You have done a great job on your filly, such a difficult shape to applique. Is your eagle from 'ALiitle Silhouette; by Sarah Fielke? I did that dolly quilt but it was a bit wobbly https://thecraftyyak.com/tag/a-little-silhouette/

  16. Your filly is beautiful but you need patience to appliqué that!


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