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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


                        These horses won't run away now; they are corralled...

The strange story is:
that I've had this long string of little rectangles hanging
around for eons--since the 1990's, in fact...and kept thinking now what'll I ever
use these for---???
BUT, I couldn't bear to throw them away...

I had used these fabrics in the first hexagon quilt I made (all by hand)
which is now hanging in our living room.

Here they appear in some of the hexies:

Which goes to show --wonderful fabrics and designs never go out of style...

Here's a closer look at them...now, I ask you,

 how could I EVER have just thrown them away??? the horse background and
that lighter leaf just go perfectly....

The pink waves is an old Jinny Beyer print, and I cannot recall who designed the silvery leaves; they are two of my favorite prints of all times...;)))

And here they are--popping up to surround my appliqued horses....who knew????
I obviously "ran out" of that leafy one when I originally  sewed them together on my old
Pfaff Varimatic and used this Asian fan in place of the leaves;

you know, I must have had some kind of project in mind that never happened....
and they just languished in my "drawer of shame" lol
And....I still have quite a few left over..
                                          How's that for serendipity??;)))

Because I used a different machine and seam allowance there are some variances in points
 match-ups and sizes...but I'll work it out.

Meanwhile, Pink and Green didn't like ANY of the border selections I made--worked all morning
trying out different ones....N O P E...it won't be the back of my 52 x 52 scrap piece after all....
it went off to visit some new friends in my closet (:*))).
Julierose, La blageuse (happy-dancing-euse)


  1. Like the corral for your steeds. Are you visiting new friends in the closet or old friends that fell out of favor? :D

  2. Nice when things work out like that. Beautiful quilt top!

  3. That's funny! I have some of that wave fabric in grey. And I think there may even been some of those leaves in the bottom of my stash somewhere.

  4. Perfect little corral, but don't they need more friends, lol! You've done a fabulous job appliqueing them!

  5. Bonjour JulieRose !
    J'aime beaucoup la manière dont tu as partagé en deux tes hexies !! Et les chevaux sont magnifiques.... Bravo ! :)

  6. How fortuitous that you held on to those pieces. They make a lovely corral!

  7. Isn't it great to find something special in your stash? Good job.

  8. Looking great - I still have some of the JB wave fabric.


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