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Friday, September 1, 2017


                                                    IT'S THE GHASTLIES...
                                              Doing the "Monsta Mash"

                                  This is my first little piece for the Orange Slab fest over at  Dawn's
                                                  ....I've just begun making this table topper....and
                   I decided to have the two rows face opposite directions so wherever you sit you can
                                                       shiver along with them....lol

                             I am working on borders right now and am thinking of this choice:
                            I like the black and white option as there are a lot of colors going on in that
                                                                        "Parlor of Horrors...".
                                                       "Don't you just love the classy candelabras???"

Last year I began this little Halloween Dresden and it will reside on the
                                        back of "Monsta Mash.." 
            (Is that tune now bopping through your brain? heh heh heh)

I don't know if you can tell, but some of those little background white circles are little itty bitty skulls...I almost used up the whole charm pack and will use the rest for border pieces--maybe some tiny 1" squares....

I hope to get this finished and off my wall so that I can put together more of this Ghastlie Group....I have a lot more blocks--perhaps some place mats for
Willa and Fiona?  We'll see....
Hugs from Halloween-ville
Julierose, La Blageuse, (Boo-euse)


  1. How fun! That dresden is just too cute to put on the back :( Unless, it is reversible.

  2. I agree Jeanna love that dresdan. that is such a cute border too. love it.

  3. Such a fun project! Love those little skulls. Perfect fabric!!

  4. What a neat quilt! Inspired decision to have the rows facing - like it!!

  5. Orange spooky projects, that will shake things up, Fun!

  6. Great dresden. Wow love your Monster Mash....looks fabulous.

  7. Think I've seen that skulls print in a different colour! Surprised me when I looked a bit closer... Love these projects--that Dresden seems to beautiful to put on the back though!


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