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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


                                                                      "Monsta Mash #2"
 I cannot wait to hand quilt this one...loving Dresdens as I do....
Right now I am working on a backing for it...below.............................

All oranges and blacks and cheddars...4-patch fun...still using up those 2.5" squares from my postage swap of a few years ago....


                               "Monsta Mash: # 1 will have some hourglasses for the backing...
Why, you say?

Knowing I find these very fiddley to work on--no kidding, ;{{{{ but loving how they look....

[As most of you know, I am triangle- challenged...and the only reason I am even trying
to make these is that I have the  Accuquilt die..which cuts them so well...and...
again a lot of oranges, blacks and novelties leftover....]

Actually, I am not a big fan of Halloween--too creepy for me, but the orange slabfest got me into it this year..AND
.(DAWN, the enabler, saw to that  hahaha--) She is such a sweetheart, how could I not join in the fun....;}}}}

Last year we maybe had 4 trick n' treaters in our neighborhood....so, of course, I ended up eating  ALL that leftover candy...;-{{{{ my favorite is Heath Bars...(just in case you want to send some to me hahaha)
So, I am doing just a few minutes sewing at a time, letting my back rest up...and my right side...
Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (Boo-euse)


  1. heath bars eh? hmmmm I dont think I EVER met a candy bar I didnt like. and it shows! hee hee I too am not a Halloween fan but remember the fun we used to have as kids. not as many worries as there are today in the world. love your orange slab projects! so so fun

  2. That Halloween dresden is great! Trick or treating isn't a custom in Japan, but when I lived in the US, I would buy Butterfingers (just in case I had some left over and needed to eat them!)

  3. Love your monster Mash blocks. They are great.

  4. Oh Ohhh ! on voit qu'Halloween n'est pas bien loin !!
    Gros bisous JulieRose !

  5. Heath bars... My Mom used to have a candy company. She made English Toffee with almonds. I have the recipe - would you like it?

  6. Love the skull center in your Dresden Plate block! Hope you got your backings all done and are moving towards a finish on both projects.

  7. This is why I insist on buying candy I don't like! I have very little resistance to sweets! Your quilt is Adorable. I just love Halloween quilts!

  8. Halloween's not so big here, but I really like both these, especially the fussy cutting that's been going on!

  9. You may start to like Halloween a whole lot more this year! You have the perfect quilt! I love any Halloween candy! My mom always bought extra Baby Ruth bars. Love them!

  10. You've certainly embraced the theme of Halloween and nice and early, I hope you're going to show us your place all decorated out when the time arrives .


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