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Saturday, September 16, 2017


We are finally back from our journey; and this is what has kept me
calm....my Pomegranate piece....

Here is the lovely batik leaf-ey block before quilting
which I really love...

Isn't that just splendid? ;))))

BUT then........................

Just look what happens when it has been quilted...be still my heart...
Gosh I love how it emerges and morphs .

It has such a wonderful texture and looks so impressionistic...
I have 4 more to do and then the smaller triangles along the sides also

                               ...Here is the whole piece--

isn't it strange how some quilts you put together
just "feel" right?  This has to be one of my all time favorite ones...and I am  sure that I will be quilting light--to neutral batiks a whole lot by hand in
the future...they have captured my heart....

Look what Jacky (no blog) sent me from our orange slab fest...

this adorable little Halloween piece...Jacky, this came to cheer me at my
lowest moments this past week...and it surely did ;)))) thank you so much for your thoughtfulness....
For those of you not in the know, my husband had surgery this past week and I
got him home yesterday to recuperate. 

We had to  travel 1.5 hours (one way) to an out of State hospital where they could perform the needed surgery....this involved my driving alone (of which I am not fond ;{{{ on long trips...) but needs must...and it got better as I repeated the trek...

He is resting but pretty sore and very tired--as am I, tired that is ;}}}
....but I have him home with what we were told are good results....thank goodness....it has been a very stressful time and I want to thank those of you 
who knew, for your kind thoughts, support and prayers..
they really helped me...

So, I will be posting intermittently for the next few weeks, when I take off my Nurse's cap (lol);)))

I am staying close to home and only going out to stock up on the food he is able to tolerate....at least over the weekend...

My knitting in hospital (I will post some pictures of my work  later on) waiting rooms and my quilting have really sustained me...I am sure you all know what i mean....
"busy hands, calm hearts' "....is so true....for me, at least....that and watching some very inspiring youtube knitting videos during my long nights alone here
(See: "The Gentle Knitter" and "Kommebaria" [in Swedish, but with subtitles]
allowed me to stop over thinking this whole deal). 
Au revoir mes amies....

hugs to you all
I am gratefully 
Julierose, La Blageuse (quilting/knitting-euse)


  1. And I thought you were off having a good time...prayers for you and your husband. Be good to yourself and rest when you can. The quilt is beautiful! I love the batik!

  2. glad the patient is home and the nurse a little more at ease. heres hoping the following weeks of recovery bring rest and relaxation at a time when it is greatly needed. hugs......and say Hi to Thom for me.....and tell him I am watching,,,,,,dont be doing anything strenuous heal first! Dr Dawn

  3. Yum, that quilt has such a soft vintage look, I love that light batik too. Best wishes to you and your husband as you help him recover and regain strength. It's always amazing what we can do if we have to, isn't it.

  4. So good to hear that there were good results. Get well soon. Your batik quilt is beautiful. Love the applique, too.

  5. I love the contrasting big stitch on your pomegranate quilt. So pretty...

  6. Yes, your 'Pomegranate Piece' is beautiful, the batik and the hand quilting.
    Prayers for you and your husband. I'm sorry you're going through a
    difficult time.

  7. Oh my goodness that is gorgeous. You accomplished a lot, with each stitch a prayer, or good thought.

  8. Oh dear, I had no idea you were taking time from blogging because of your husband having surgery - so sorry to hear that. I hope he recovers well with all your kind nursing, times like this are very stressful so it's good that you're able to snatch a little time now and again for quilting or knitting.
    Sending lots of good wishes to both your husband for a good recovery and also to you, take care.

  9. Your quilt is just lovely....such pretty fabrics. Wishing your hubby a full recovery xx

  10. I am so far behind on my blog reading and missed that your hubby was having surgery. Prayers for success and a quick recovery for him. Prayers for strength and peace for you.

    I look forward to seeing your knitting. I've done a bit of that lately too.

  11. So much hand quilting! It is very beautiful and I love the way the hand stitching changes up the block.

  12. Julierose do take care of yourself as much as possible, during this time of caring for your husband... I wish him a satisfactory recovery & good health again soon.

  13. Julie rose, take care of yourself as well as your husband! Your quilting is beautiful -- love the pomegranate quilt!

  14. Beautiful pomegranate quilt!

    Hope the recovery is going well and life is getting back to normal.

  15. Best wishes to you and your hubby. I know from experience how exhausting it can be to nurse a spouse through surgeries. Take care of yourself too! xo


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