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Friday, November 23, 2012


Sugar Plum Fairies Dancin' into town today...Fa-La-La-Laaaa-
La-La-La--Laaa.  I've been busy sewing these girls into rows today--what fun!!  
This is the "Shhhh" project I'm working on.  Also, making a mini-matching quilt for someone "special".  {Keep it under your hat}

Also, got my Mary Mandala mounted:

The background fabric was a gift from a close friend who got it for me when she visited China last year.  Now, I have to find a frame.....

Here's a closer look at the beading.. and...

here's a good shot of those hands--they are so evocative of my life, Tom's, Mom's and all my musician friends....

Tonight I made my Minestrone zuppa and we munched on garlic bread along with it--yummy. 

 It IS a wonderful life....Julierose, La Blageuse ["...Santa Claus is comin' to Town]


  1. Oops, amazing. I hate auto correct! :-)

  2. Love your beadwork! Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your secret project!

  3. Your Sugarplum fairies quilt/s are going to be so cute!! Perfect fabric! And your beading is beautiful - wow!

  4. The sugar plum fairies are sweet and will make someone very happy. The bead work is awesome

    Cheers Pauline


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