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Friday, October 19, 2012


Here are two of my mugrugs--Christmas side--that I am making from scrap fabrics.  I decided to make them reversible--

That way, they can be used all year long....and have finally (after making 4 or 5 "practice" ones to try out different methods)--decided to "channel" quilt them.  I love that "feel"....It took a really long (sigh!!) time to sew all those 2" squares together for the reverse sides, but, Stash the Bash I will !! They are VERY scrappy as a result:

I like the way the one on the left turned out--kinda oriental, no?  I got sick of --"twosies-foursies-8-sies etc...ad nauseum!!

I really wish that this year's "Santas" were as cute as this old fabric--this year they all seem sort of scarey...LOL!!  I am collecting for the back of Fiona's "big girl" quilt for when she goes into a twin bed...

And here is  that really cute snow people fabric, too....kinda "Debbie Mum"-ish...

And so I leave you with 13 done and 20 to go...W H Y do I get so intense and do S O (sew) M A N Y?

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  1. They look wonderful! What a great way to use up stash. Great holiday gifts. I might make a few myself!!

  2. Love them. Great job. I really like the idea of them being reversible.

  3. They are darling!! Great idea to make them reversible! I went on a kick for a while to make all my quilts reversible to use for holidays. Never revered them! LOL! But I love the idea for the mug rugs!! You should do all sorts of themes to work with! Fun idea...


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