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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ya know what I did this afternoon ? WHAT WONDERS AWAITED ME?????

 I FUSED my little red baskets to my ironing board cover!! 

 Oooh noooo!  What a doofus!!  I haven't fused in so long, that I FORGOT about the UNDERneath part!!  

Ya know, you are rolling along and doing fun stuff and then...BOOM you do something so stupid that you cannot believe it. Huh? ( Not to mention the mess on my iron...). Perhaps too many things going on at the same time??? I'd like to believe that:

BUT ---Even Henri Le Chat fell over when he heard about it--all the way up on Cape Cod...(HE LOOKS PRETTY DISGUSTED WITH MOI).

AND here is Fiona's reaction.....even she could not believe it!!  

"Oh Grand'mere--where was your brain???"

I certainly came back to earth in a big hurry...With a THUMP, BUMP...PHOOEY!! For heaven's sake-- I just GOT that new cover!!  So tomorrow after my flu shots--(perhaps that will wake my brain up?)  I will go searching for a new cover.....and I remain

 Julierose La Blageuse ridicu-leuse!!!! 


  1. Don't worry, Julierose, we've all made mistakes! I'm sure it's a mess. Just clean up and keep going! I've made all sorts of mistakes cutting, sewing, etc. I guess we're all in good company!!

  2. You're not alone. I can't tell you the number of times I have ironed the fusible to the RIGHT side of the fabric. Oh well...

  3. Funny...what else can I say. Maybe you can cut out the baskets with the ironing board cover on the back and still use them. Enjoyed your posts!

  4. Sorry your post made me laugh but not at you with you lol

  5. Oh NO!! Sorry for your mishap, but your post was fun!!!

  6. Oh no!!! So sorry for your mishap, but your post was fun!

  7. Oops....I posted twice!! Now this makes 3 times! Ha! You are rubbing off on me!!


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