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Friday, December 8, 2017


                              These pages document moving from Fall into Winter.............

I have used a 3/4 page (on the left ) that opens to these pictures
and was able to scrap 8  photos in this way (along with four 3x3 across the top left)...

I found two old Basic Grey papers that I think are muted and soft....on a darkish gray
cardstock background....

                                                      Here is the 12x12 spread
                           [The Snow Queen appears on all my Seasonal Spreads (top right)]


                                            A closer view of the 3/4 page's reverse side....
         {FYI: the music is by Carlos Jobim...that I often play on the piano when my hands allow}

I snapped all these photos off our back deck looking down into the forest that surrounds
us....so they have a "place" memory in my heart...the snowflakes presaging Winter's arrival
I find this kind of work so relaxing and satisfying...ahhhhh....

Julierose, La Blageuse (Awaiting our First Snowfall-euse)


  1. As soon as I read your title I started humming Corcovado in my head! Thanks for sharing a peak at the world through your lens and listening to your soundtrack!

  2. I see you are a scrap booker! You have a lot of nice photos there - where do you live?

  3. What lovely pages (and I liked your autumn garden ones too).

  4. Hi Julierose i love your pages a great way to remember special things and events,you have taken lots of lovely pics,i am also your newest follower xx

  5. I love your scrap books! You always have the nicest pictures and know just how to arrange them in your books. What treasures!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your photos, very beautiful colors in the sunset sky.
    I like the lacy effect of the trees over the colors.


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