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Friday, December 1, 2017


Every December 1st finds me scouring our yard for leftover garden plantings that have gone
through the first frost.   I choose a different basket each year--
 (this was an old one of my Mom's that she painted and I found this morning
 hiding in our attic--
I must have come across it last year when I stored our Christmas decorations...)

Twigs, branches, left over mums-- all dried out, and santolina, and lavender--- and generally just
lots of "Twiggy" stuff.  ;)))) and a few greens....I set it up in our front entryway as a welcome...

                           {Our leaf guy has to come for his final "blow through";)))))
                                   --we are beyond raking with our creaking backs and bones--
                                          so, we gave ourselves permission to hire him....
                                                                            a little treat for us both....;))) }

Our stove fan/light stopped working last night...so my own personal "Mr. FIX-IT" took it all
apart and cleaned and repaired it..
Here is a funny picture of him holding a beer while screwing in the final screw holding it up...
.(this is for my December Daily Journal--I try to take at least one picture a day
describing our days leading up to the New Year....)

We had been searching online to see different models and prices--(We really didn't want to lay out another $150+ or so at this pricey time of year either)...................and

                                                     TAH-DAH--Mr. Fix-It to the rescue...
(and, unlike when I try anything like this, there were not even any screws leftover. LOL).
                                                                    MY HERO....sigh.....

                                       Last evening's moonrise....from our back porch
                                                   another shot for my Journal....
I hope to decorate our little tabletop tree this weekend...but I NEED to find teeney- tiny
ornaments...I have been gifting my larger ones to my children every year as part of their
Christmas gifts....most were my mother's and my Grand-mere's...very fragile and memory-laden.....
I haven't done any sewing--but am planning on working on my strip projects over the coming weekend....
Julierose, La Blageuse ("Sleigh bells Ring, are ya listenin'?"--euse ;}}} )


  1. All good stuff, Julierose. Your basket and Personal Mr. Fix-it are both enviable! :)

  2. They may be just twiggy things, but what a beautiful arrangement they make! Don't know how much decorating we will be able to do this year with the new chewing monster (pup) in the house!

  3. Hooray for Mr Fix-It!
    Happy decorating.

  4. Mr. Fix-it looks very handy, indeed!

  5. I had to laugh when you said there were no screws left over--sounds like how things go at our house--lol! Your arrangement looks beautiful!

  6. What a good idea to take daily photos leading up to the holiday! And we, too, are downsizing our ornament stash. Table top trees are the norm here now (the large ones were gifted to two young couples who had no trees). This year is especially simple to allow Little Man to see the lights and feel the magic without worry of breakage or injury.

  7. It's so nice to have a handyman around the house. Lucky you.
    Love your welcoming bouquet. I used to do that in CA. I even shared trimmings with my neighbor. Different greens and shapes of leaves, some bare branches, and some with red berries. Gosh, I miss that house.
    Looking forward to your strip endeavors.

  8. I love your Christmas decor on your porch. Hugs

  9. Great, fun post. You gotta have a beer for the final screw. We bought an acre 17 years ago because I love the leaves. Can't have too many leaves for me....:)

  10. what a nice basket of greens from the garden! My son did our blowing this year.

  11. Lovely basket. Red makes the whole arrangement pop. Do you change out the greenery regularly or just let it dry with the other twiggy stuff?
    My Mr. Fix It just set up my new sewing chair. Hooray for these guys!

  12. Love your entry greenery. Hoorah for Mr. Fix it. Gorgeous picture of the moon.

  13. I wish my husband was a Mr. Fix it! We end up calling someone for everything. Love your basket of greens! It's such a lovely welcome to your visitors.

  14. The basket in your entry is very festive. Lucky you to have such mechanically-inclined Mr. Fix It! Love the photo of the moon...I have a hard time taking good photos of the moon and the sun.


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