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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


                                     Our month of June minus the last four days...
                                  (Greens being 50's, gold's 60's and oranges 70's)
I am linking up with sarah did it for her weekly group of temp quilters....

So four more days to be added to this line up....I must say that I am not really
enamored with the Paper Pieces' card that they use for the shapes--too heavy -- and
I really am not fond of the glue basting--I am finding it difficult to stitch into the edges....

I will make my own elongated hexies out of my usual freezer paper
(using the PP ones as templates) and go back to hand basting for July....SLOWER
STAY TUNED hexagon lovers if you like PP templates........

I will be having a little Hexagonia Giveaway soon of all my various sizes of hexagons from
Paper Pieces--(only reserving one of each so that I can trace my own on freezer papers.)
Let me know in the comments below if any of you would be interested....

Tomorrow Helga is going on a rejuvenation SPA visit to be tuned up; it's been 7 years'
worth of sewing and quilting and her teeth are chattering (;{{{{) very loudly and she's
just needing to be massaged back into working order....Sooo, I am machine-less for a bit as
my repair guy is on vacation this week....

In other news, I am trying out various watercolor pencils and Inktense pencils in my
various coloring books....very relaxing and joyous...
though I am making mostly a big mess!! But that is part of the learning

Here is the reverse of my 1st Christmas Baskets wall hanging ready to be quilted..
I  really love this Reindeer material (makes my heart jump for joy when I
look at it! )........................  ;)))
and I even have enough for the 2nd basket piece's  revers side...
One of these two will be gifted...to whom, you may ask, welllll
that is a S E C R E T for now.....

I put this one together "envelope style" (see the pinned area turned in on the bottom
where I turned it after pulling it right side out?). So this piece  is waiting for
Helga's vacation to be over so I can  quilt it;  meanwhile I am trying to decide
 how I want to quilt it....
Today our weather is just perfect--cooling breezes and a blue and gold day like I recall
from my childhood ............

(don't we all remember those long ago lazy
Summertime days so free of worry and stress?
 I know I think back on them often--
seeing myself stretched out on a little hillside ,,,,,,
just watching the big puffy white clouds shape shifting
and just "BEING").

I will be back posting after a small break while Helga is on her rejuvenation  trip....
hugs, Julierose (La Blageuse--resting-euse)


  1. Your weather is like ours. Nice for a couple of days in a month, and the rest is chilly.

  2. Yes that is fun backing for your baskets.
    And I'll be back for more hexagon adventures.
    It is a good thing to remember childhood summer days,
    and those first few sun burns and mosquito bites and scrapped knees, and the
    ice cream truck that drove through the neighborhood.
    Those were the good old days!

  3. I'm sure you will have plenty of hand work to do while your machine is away. Or maybe you can contemplate all the new projects you want to start and check your fabric stash. My machine is going away too this week.

  4. Hi Julierose beautiful work my work my friend ,its freezing where i live in Australia,cant wait for Spring to come,lol xx

  5. I've never been a fan of gluing the fabric to the template, either. I guess we all have our favourite methods of getting things done!

  6. Glue has it's purpose, but not for gluing hexies! That reindeer fabric is great. We are having crappy weather most of the time. I wonder if the volcano in Hawaii is sending clouds our way.
    xx, carol

  7. love that fabric too and the weather has been so so nice!

  8. Oh your temp quilt looks so much nicer than my RED one. I'll pass on the hexie giveaway and give someone more skilled to the opportunity to win.

    Hope Helga gets up and ruuning soon.

  9. I didn't even realize those were reindeer--very cool fabric! I just order the elongated hexagon shapes from Paper Pieces to do the Temecula Summer Circles sew along. It looks like I will have to do the gluing too--hope it works out. I do like their hexi papers--most of mine have been used over and over are are kind of mis-shapen--lol!

  10. Your temperature progress looks great. Please enter me in your giveaway. I love paper piecing!

  11. What a perfect weather day on Tuesday! Guess we're in for some rain. Hope Helga comes home soon. Love that reindeer fabric!

  12. I would be happy to adopt your PP templates. I'm really just getting started and could use so more. I haven't tried glue basting because I'm convinced it would be hard to get the papers out without distorting your work.

  13. You're obviously still finding lots to keep you busy even without Helga, good for you!
    Your recollection of childhood days is lovely to read, I did the same thing but in another country! I tell our grandchildren when they're busy on their iPhones etc. about what we used to do when we made our own fun and games - they enjoy hearing my stories but can't imagine themselves doing that!

  14. I love the colors in your temp quilt. I have a suggestion which might help with the glue basting. You want to run a line of glue using the edge of your glue stick so that it is thin. Run the line away from the edge - a few mm's into the card stock. It is very difficult stitching through the glue. I hope this helps.

  15. It's funny that you think that pp.com papers are too thick. I think freezer paper is too thin and then after the thick papers for Aslan the Lion, it sometimes feels like pp papers are too thin. We all have so many different preferences yet the final products are all so perfect that no one would know the differences. Would love to be in the chance to adopt your papers! Thanks for the chance.


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