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Sunday, January 19, 2014


I have put all my UQP's aside for now; and re-tooled my room to include a 
"Scrap Station"....Thom bought me a real typewriter for Christmas so that 
I can type directly onto my card inserts (being the computer challenged
person I am!!).  

I have done quite a few spreads (2 sheets L and R); this one is a memory
of little Fiona--of course, Grand'mere knows she's a "big girl" now--no more "goo-goo ga-ga"!! LOL

This page includes twins Greg & Connor--"then and now" with we two Grandparents holding the twins...and Steven pulling his hair to dispel the "crying"...
I love juxtaposing these times.  Here you can see the 4x6 vertical pocket arrangements--the other page has 4 (4x6) horizontals and 4 (3x4) slots....
I am so loving this--I hope to get all my pix Out of The Shoebox!!!! and into some meaningful layouts.

I am also spraying and creating my own little tags and cards and embellishments...

And finally--here is a picture of our deck this morning--OH NO........

To all my quilting buds--I am just taking a little break--feeling overwhelmed at the moment and my arthritis (shoulder, arm etc ad nauseum!! ugh) is playing up, too.
I am still following and leaving occasional comments...hugs to all
Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. I was really hoping to see a photo of the typewriter. Really wish I'd kept mine. We had more snow yesterday, too. Have fun with your scrap booking and feel better soon.

  2. Good to hear that you're still following along and hope when you have time you would let us see what you produce in your "Scrap Station"

  3. looks like you are having fun with a different type of scraps. that is creatively satisfying too. we got some snow as well. grrrrrr......... stay warm and have fun my friend

  4. Hope you feel better. Love the photos of your family. More snow on the way! So sick of this! I want summer!

  5. The quilting can wait, you're having lots of fun with photos full of family festive times and happy memories, good for you!! Stay warm!


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