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Monday, November 13, 2017


I was able to do a bit of machine sewing today--just 1/2 hour...

I took out this old series from a long time ago and made two more blocks...

Little Fairy Princess and.........................................

                                           BLUE MOON herself....

I think that my mood has been very blue and down as I am not able to do any handwork...just a bit cranky, ya think???
BUT..................these blocks 
really spoke to how I've been feeling......they are on the darker side...
but as I sewed  them together, i felt that they made me feel better....

Do you quilt your emotions?  I guess I do...
On a brighter note my Cactus has gone overboard
 blooming amazingly....

How gorgeous is that color...I love my Christmas cacti even though they bloom 

Beautiful striations of pinks to cream....with my little gnome peeking out 
 in the background...

I am going to wait until after Turkey Day to try a bit of hand work....want to really be rested....

Julierose, La blageuse, cranky-euse! ;(((


  1. So glad that your blue mood was somewhat lifted after a half hour of sewing. Sweet moody blue blocks, too!

  2. I'm glad you're able to do some sewing. Yes, your colors are more subdued but still lovely. I like the fussy cut insets - a read mood-lifter.

  3. Glad it made you feel better, we are addicted to this great hobby

  4. 1/2 hour of sewing sounds great. I usually last about 15 minutes at a time. Your flower is lovely.

  5. You sewed 1/2 hour longer than I did. Love the blue, green, purple combination. It may seem dark to you, but to me it's rich with color and texture. Try the Blue Emu Oil. It really works.

  6. I have been in a blue funk too. Gorgeous Christmas cactus.

  7. Love the fabrics in Blue Moon - sometimes it's possible to achieve quite a lot of stitching in 30 minutes!

  8. Your sewing matches your Christmas Cactus --so pretty!

  9. so glad you still like blue moon. I find that the colors I make a quilt reflect my mood at the time too. rest up girl. it is good to rest and this project is coming along so nicely.

  10. I love your Blue Moon. Your Christmas Cactus reminds me of my mother. Her cactus was as beautiful as yours. Hugs

  11. Your Christmas cactus is beautiful! Blue Moon is so pretty. I love the variety of fabrics. I think 30 minutes if pretty good. It adds up fast!


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