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Sunday, November 5, 2017


My defense against the L O N G E S T feeling day of the year....don't know whether I'm hungry or tired or what....I hate this time change.  At least i get to sleep in longer, i guess.:ooo

I have this little corner and one more big block to finish before i can move onto the side triangles...
I am joining in with Kathy and her friends doing some slow stitching by hand...

i also have finally put this one to bed:

Finito...It will be my Christmas table topper this year--finally!! this is from sometime around the 1990's that i began the hand pieced hexagons...

and while I stitch away with two little mint Milano cookies I am savoring this:

New England Harvest Blend
(with 1/2 and 1/2 of course)

in this little beauty:

My Chaleur Van Gogh Irises mug--makes just the right amount...yuuuuum

On this grey and drawn out Sunday afternoon 
                                                        (and is it really only 1:36?? ;000)

I leave you hoping you are slowing down and resting before those Holiday rush, rush, rushing days are upon us....
Julierose, La Blageuse (s l o w stitching -euse)


  1. Both of your projects are just lovely.

  2. A cup of tea and some stitching on a rainy day...perfect!

  3. Love your slow stitching projects. Congrats on getting your hexie quilt all finished. I'm not ready for the holidays. They seem to come around faster every year.

  4. Oh, gosh...I didn't realize you were so far on quilting your Pomegranates. Wonderful. And congrats on finishing up an old UFO. What a nice table topper. I need to keep my dining room table cleared off and make some table toppers.

    And you are right...that mug is beautiful. I'll have some coffee, please.

  5. Beautiful quilts and the mug is lovely. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. Congrats on the table topper finish!

  7. I have that coffee cup. Gorgeous quilt finish, and your poms are coming along. Today was a great day to be lazy and sew.

  8. wow your table topper looks fantastic Julierose,well done on your beautiful finish,love your cup xx

  9. love your pomegranates in the rain. it is coming along. and the hexie table topper is so fun and pretty. I'll have a cuppa tea and I brought oatmeal raisin cookies for us all. LOL cats got me up at 2 today instead of 3. gonna be a lonnnng winter!

  10. Having a precious favourite cup makes the tea tste even better, I say!
    And Julierose, there's nothing wrong with a slow day of stitching... good for the soul.

  11. I am not disrupted by the time change. But I agree with slow stitching. started on another this weekend.

  12. What a gorgeous mug!
    And I love those soft pomegranites. A lovely project for a slow rainy Sunday!

  13. beautiful finish! that tea sounds good on this cloudy cool day

  14. Your hexie table topper looks very much at home on your table!
    So, not far to go now with the hand quilting on Pomegranates, what a good feeling as you put that last stitch in!

  15. I really notice the difference in the afternoons too....luckily I don't feel tired just so wierd to feel like it's 5:00 and it's only 3. LOL!! I like all your projects...

  16. That's a good idea to slow down and be thoughtful.
    Your hexagons and hand quilting are beautiful.


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