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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


                                               HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL!!

We are all ready for the ghosts and goblins here--usually just a few as we live on
top of a hill where houses are spaced pretty far apart--so only the really, really
intrepid candy lovers make the hike...

This is the little quilt i made for us last year with my favorite ghastlies...

I used a really old batik that had also some wax resist done to it...sadly there isn't much of this fabric left...


Not a whole lot of any sewing going on here--except maybe a bit on paper for my Junk Journal
Traveler's Notebooks...

I did get my Snowflowers bordered and ready for backing:

I know ladies, ;000--I actually cut away some of those hand pieced hexies I had slaved over...

[I figured:
do I want this DONE or hanging another year in my closet??? And so ...................
WHACK-A-DOO, WHACK-A-DOO--(my husband couldn't watch, he said! He remembers many days in cars, sitting at the beach or on the deck watching me hand stitch them..
poor baby,. I told him: quilting is not for the faint of heart!!;((()]

On my pared down design wall sits my Plum Pudding with some bare trees surrounding it...
Do I add more? that is always the question
Well, for right now, with my Sewing Mojo nowhere to be found, it can
just simmer up there....

My Christmas Cacti are getting ready to bloom...they are early birds...

Isn't this a lovely pinky one??

I only have a few plants right now--all my African Violets died for some reason...;ooo

and on this note I will go and pre-heat my oven for my homemade oven fries to go along with the egg salad for sandwiches we are having for dinner tonight....
then I will be knitting while watching the World Series...

Hope your Halloween is

Julierose, La blageuse..(Booing-euse)


  1. Happy Halloween my friend! love your cactus so pretty

  2. Hi Julierose happy Halloween,love your work that ghastlies fabric is awesome,love your Christmas catus,hope your day is a good one xx

  3. ROFL Quilting is not for the faint of heart. I love the border you put on it. Your Ghastlie wallhanging is great as is everything else.

  4. Egg salad... I haven't had that in ages! I think that will be lunch tomorrow. Thanks! Love those witches =).

  5. Interesting Halloween quilt fabric! Perfect.

  6. I got a whole 3 trick or treaters.
    I've never seen that Ghastlie fabric - love it!!
    cute string quilt - sounds like you've been busy.
    Christmas is coming for your cactus

  7. Happy Halloween chère JulieRose !! xoxo

  8. That had to have been really hard to cut off those hexies, but you are right--done is better!!!

  9. Love your plum pudding. I'm working on string blocks now, too. Yours look better.

  10. got a lot done even if you haven't done!
    Rest that's what i am doing tonight and watching game 7

  11. Happy Halloween! I love your projects! I say get the quilt done instead of hanging in the closet anyday!

  12. Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Love your projects, as usual! I'm trying to finish my projects since I have a bunch of new ones I want to start!!

  13. I love that witches fabric! The pink just pops the whole design. I need to get that cactus plant! Hope you were able to enjoy Halloween. mary

  14. Love your witch quilt, she looks amazing. Well done with the hexies, you are very brave!! The colours in your Plum Pudding are really nice, love the bare trees border. Your cactus is going to be gorgeous when the flowers open, we have a dark red one. Just discovered junk journals.


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